My story pt 3 "Freedoom"

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  • acolytes

    Choosing my freedoom from the congregation of course doomed me to its approval, which had no sympathy.(Seeing me as a victim of Satan)

    It felt strange being cut off from a vital past. Lonly and rejected and unable to return I none the less felt it my duty to justify my reasons with any witness I met on the street.Sadly in most instances I came across as having lost my mind and I was perceived as morally corupt having rejected Jehover.I off course saw things differently I saw that the individual member of the congregation were to ingrained in the lie, the myth which had imprisond them and impaired their ability to think and transcend its history.

    My journey in began with an over zelouse newly baptised brother who hooked me hook line and sinker with his enthusiasm. My journey out began because of a unfastend button on a shirtsleeve (see pt one)

    In between time the over zelouse brother soon became promoted to the rank of elder. I noticed he enjoyed the camaraderie and the harshness of disiplining the flock. And sadly this ambitiouse elder who cared only about being promoted never did become a consciouse person even after I confronted him and got him to acknowledge it was all a lie.

    My fealings towards the Governing Body and elders in general are recorded in my post(What makes an Elder) otherwise I have no bitterness iam in some curiouse way grateful for the exsperience. LIFE MOOVES ON.


  • jamiebowers

    Good for you for getting out. Is any of your family jw?

  • goldensky

    I enjoyed reading the three parts of your story, Acolytes. The more details we know about somebody, the closer we feel to that person. It's nice to have you on the board.

  • acolytes

    Hi Jamiebowers. None of my family are witnesses-I did succeed in getting my wife interested. (Fortunatly that interest was only out of love)

    Goldensky-Thanks for the positive comment.

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