I stopped attending, my wife wants to check out the Hall

by Leprechaun 1 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Leprechaun

    Yes I gave up the cult like ways of the Dubs, but to be fair to my sweet wife, she wants to check out the meetings based on her hearing the phone tie in from my moms house where we live and reading a few tracts, ( I am neither lord nor master over my wife,) so we are going to the Hall this morning to listen to the circuit overseers visit and main talk.

    After I take her there I asked her if she would go with me to a Baptist church near us to see the difference how they treat me there, (I was desfellowshipped then reinstated) and the general over all fellowship that I feel should be a mark of real Christianity, - besides they offer free refreshments before and afterwards.

  • bulgogiboy

    I wish you all the best mate. I hope she likes the Baptist Church better(the much lesser of two evils I think), and listens to you about the horrors of the jws. That would be SO unbelievably frustrating, for you to come out, having gotten wise to the deceitful rubbish that they peddle, and then have to see your wife go through the whole brainwashing process...I hope you really make strenuous efforts to drill it into her head exactly WHY you are leaving the watchtower suit-wearing booksellers association, and how much the WT will rule her life, how miserable it will be....

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