JW Marriage Agentcies in UK

by Adrianoblue 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Adrianoblue

    I just like to see who are displaying themselves on the net.

    Does anyone know any JW agencies in Britain or other parts of Europe?

    How does the WTS view these things nowadays? Is it still forbidden to find a partner on the net? If so, it seems that hardly any are obeying their rules.

  • andy5421

    well you can try jwmatch.com. As a rule of thumb I would try to look in my own Cong. first. If nothing is there then branch out to other congregations. Try the District Conventions. AS a last resort use the net, but be carefull.

  • Adrianoblue

    hi andy,

    i`m not a jw anymore. i`d just like to see whats going on on the web. thanks a lot.

  • Opus92

    I wonder how this would work with the high female-to-male ratio.

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