Two Frightening 'Hockey Sticks' -Not Climate

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  • metatron


    I have strongly objected to climate change hysteria because it fails to properly assess risks to the world. I now provide a solid example of OTHER RISKS that are far more personal in effect and, I believe, vastly more certain. Simply put, the US and UK are headed over a financial cliff, as the frightening graphs show.

    This is not merely a technical or academic matter. These extreme and violent expansions of debt may have terrifying effects and cannot continue to rise as shown. Consider:

    Vast expansions of 'death panels' in healthcare and extreme rationing

    Cutbacks in heat, electricity and imported energy. Gasoline costs rise violently.

    Riots, breakdown of authority and possible collapse of governments and martial law.

    This isn't Armageddon but it is a very serious matter that everyone posting here needs to think seriously about. How long could you live without an income? Do you have gold or an account denominated in a safe (safer) currency? Do you depend on expensive drugs to survive? Can you figure out a way to 'work off the books'?

    Forget about how much shoreline you may lose in 30 years. Worry about how you will survive the next 5 years !

    Sorry to be so pessimistic. There are a few good things that may happen to stem the tide but they are far from certain.


  • WTWizard

    I agree. The global warming climate change scam is fake--the graphs should show a warmup from 1000-1300 AD, and they do not. And Mars is warming--that means we are not warming the planet.

    However, price levels are showing the hockey stick trend. Until we went off the gold standard, prices were stable. Then, prices started going up along with the national debt. And, we might be in for an even worse hockey stick in 2010. As for investing in gold, with Osama Obama running things, he might just decide to confiscate all hard assets like they did in 1932.

    The other hockey stick is medical expenses--even in terms of a stable currency. Every year, they alter criteria for medical treatment to get more of us on drugs. They have the swine flu "pandemic" to get people to take a scam shot--it was more likely regular flu picked up in Mexico, and wave 2 was probably just regular colds. And, if we get into Codex Alimentarius, people are going to be even sicker.

    Which could lead to an even worse hockey stick--in the number of frog babies per million births. Currently, that number is around one frog baby per 4,000 or 5,000 births (it declined some when folic acid was added to refined flour). This could go way up if vitamins are banned and all foods are irradiated to destroy whatever vitamins they naturally contain--and that's one "hockey stick" that is far worse than the "global warming". Because, they almost always end up dead within a few days--and, it makes no sense to have global warming stopped if children are not going to survive more than a few days to enjoy the snow.

  • BurnTheShips

    From your link, Japan has a far higher debt to GDP ratio. They are still chugging along. Just sayin. However, I'd like to add that the massive public sector debt and monetary easing they took on to head off their own Great Recession pretty much failed. Their economy has been stuck in neutral for going on two decades now. I see the same happening here in the US.

    The reason we haven't seen a lot of inflation yet is because most of the monetary expansion is getting soaked up by credit default losses. The Fed will eventually tighten, but the question is will they do so in time to prevent inflation, yet not so early as to create a deflationary situation.

    That said, you may be right, and that we may be in the first stage of a shit hit the fan scenario. I personally "feel" that we are.

    What a tangled web the central banks weave, when once they chose to intervene.


  • Farkel

    Thomas Jefferson said he feared banks more than any standing army. Wise man, that Jefferson.


  • JeffT

    I'm an accountant and it is not clear to me what those graphs are supposed to be measuring. There are three components to a balance sheet, shown by the equation assets = liabilities + owner's equity. There is no one number that really summarizes a balance sheet. The only outfit I've been associated with that issued a one-sided balance sheet (described as "net assets") used it to to mislead its vendors and investors. The owner of that company has been indicted by the Washington State Dept. of Financial Institutions for fraud.

    I agree that the US is awash in red ink, but I wouldn't use that article to make my point.

  • metatron

    Here's more on what bond expert Bill Gross said:

    80% of Treasury debt issuance was bought by the Federal Reserve. Let me break that down for you - in effect, the government can't really borrow anymore because no one will loan them the enormous amounts they need. So, the government is "buying" its own debt thru the Federal Reserve.

    In 2010, this will be naked money-printing, just like Zimbabwe or any broke banana republic. Treasury operations have become a facade.

    Now, what will happen if the government simply prints (or issues reserves) of trillions of dollars? Logically, the dollar will decline towards being worthless unless they make severe cutbacks in government spending. What do you think will happen if they make deep cuts to the Federal budget?

    Riots. People with guns losing their jobs. Old people getting rationed into death. Food stamps cut off. Even the military cut back and even Medicare and Social Security cutback.

    Yeah, I took College Accounting ( and passed). It should be sufficient to know what liabilities are and how they can bankrupt a company or business.


  • moshe

    The problem is the population hockey stick. We would have plenty of gasoline/oil,food/water, if our population had remained at 1960 levels. I am afraid it will be too late to deal with population growth, when they finally see the need to stabilize it. Maybe a 50% fatal pandemic will solve this problem for planet earth.

  • Farkel

    :Maybe a 50% fatal pandemic will solve this problem for planet earth.

    Skip that. Just kill 100% of the politicians.


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