Attorneys experienced in JWs?

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  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I've seen, but what I'm wondering about are attorneys that'll deal in threatening legal action against the cult, local congregation, elders, etc in disfellowshipping cases.

    I think I remember seeing a letter somewhere on here that people have used? Curious about attorneys that'd get involved to make it more official and intimidating.

    Possibly the gears are in motion for the elders to want to meet with me due to me saying the wrong anti-JW sounding things to people who call me their friend, yet gossip to their friends, elders and JW family about suspicious sounding things I've said. So, right now a bunch of people are sharing stories, mixing up what was actually said, adding to it and making it sound worse, and I know its going to come back to bite me soon.

    In return I'm tempted to gossip about how I know certain friends are j/o'ing to internet porn, un-chaperoned dating with busy hands and drunkenness to everyone I know, but I'd probably get in trouble for slander, haha...

    Anyway, I'm looking to be prepared in advance if the day comes. (The reason I care is that I'm stuck living with parents for now and according to the hypocritical, lifetime of being active / inactive head of the house, he says, if I get DFed, I'd be thrown out. So, I can be apostate, family can know and keep quiet about it, but if I get officially DFed, I'm thrown out. Yeah, makes sense to me, too).

  • noni1974

    Not that I've ever heard of. In fact I think most lawyers would laugh you out of their offices. Religions have the right to associate with whom ever they chose too. They also have the right to kick you out if they want. In fact, I believe there have been law suits in the past and the Ex religion member lost.

    Your best bet to not be disfellowshipped is to claim a moment of weakness and repent. If only to stay in your parents home. Tell them you didn't mean it, and you were upset or stumbled by someone.

    After that you should keep your mouth shut around JW's. You can't trust them at all. Never be honest with them about what you think, or how you feel, until you do wish to leave.

  • Gayle

    You have two big concerns. Religion and parents. Parents, home owners, have the right to make their rules for in their home. Religions have the right to make their rules. Until you can make it on your own you are limited. Not knowing your age, but either way, all your energy should be trying to improve on your independency so that you can move out of your parents home first. If you are underage, you must respect your parents and follow their rules. If you are of legal age but living under your parents roof, you have to accept their rules - for now.

    The personal problems of the JWs in the local congregation are really secondary to your concerns right now. You have to be concerned about yourself. I hope you are putting a lot of your energy in to your education. Re-direct your interest and concerns to your positive future. Work toward anything that can create your financial independence. If you don't have any other friends or relatives to help you, then for the temporary meantime, you will have to do and say whatever it takes to keep yourself from getting disfellowshipped.

    Don't associate with the gossipy ones. Don't talk to anyone there socially. Move on emotionally. Time to be reading upbuilding things, interests, and personal development. Have your goals. Build on your free mind but you can do that quietly for now.

    So many best wishes to you. You can make it. But be careful.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You are wasting your time if you think you can FORCE the WTB&TS to not DF you. It's their clubhouse, and it's their rules. When you joined up with them you agreed to accept their "authority." What do you think that meant?

    Yeah, you have "freedom of religion." Go rent a meeting hall and start your own religion. that's what Pastor Russell did.

    The only legal recourse you have is against slander, and about 60 years ago the WTB&TS figured this out and stopped announcing WHY they DF'd people. All they say now is that so-and-so is no longer one of Jehovah's witnesses," and if they say you're not, you're not.

    Isn't it just a LITTLE BIT CRAZY to insist that you will be a member of a group that doesn't want you?

    Learn to accept rejection. There are lots of people who will find you worthy of their time. JWs just aren't those people.

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