Kolbrin Bible, Revelation, etal all point to ONE major event

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  • sinis

    The tracking of a celestial event that left man speachless. The symbolism that religion extracts from the Bible and other texts to give it some "spiritual" meaning, is complete BULLSHIT. You need to look deeper, juxtapose it with other writings, and look at what the ancients were trying to convey. Funny how other texts found amongst the "heathen" cultures are almost perfectly quoted and used in the texts of many of the spiritual books (ie, Bible, etal) that were produced centurys if not millenia later.

    Interesting site:



  • EndofMysteries

    Not sure how you came upon this, whether your own research and realization or from hearing from others, but please let me know. On my own personal studies, I've come to realize this on my own but unable to find it anywhere else. Most of the prophecies in the bible, like Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, ones which 'seem' different are all the same, as well as other books not cannonized in the bible. Some pagan/other sources as well appear to have the same event too.

    Still working on it, as much much to go over, but not far off from having the puzzle finished, which even gives specifics on whats to come for various parts of the world, peoples, countries, etc.

    You may be talking about something entirely diff, gonna check those links now, but assume your somewhat talking about the same thing.

  • Leolaia

    The "Kolbrin Bible" is quite transparently a modern text to the informed reader. Few things set off my "BS" meter as much as this.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I haven't read the Kolbrin Bible but is the "one major event" the Final Battle between Morgoth and Feanor & Turin? If so, then I'm all about that religion.

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