Today marks the 4th anniversary of my leaving the Jehovahs Witness religion

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  • jambon1

    Four years ago today I walked out of the Kingdon Hall at 12.30pm knowing it would be the last time I would ever do so.

    I haven't been back or considered going back since.

    Life in a divided family is a rocky road.

    Showing Jehovahs Witnesses that you can lead a fulfilling, happy life outside the circus that is their religion has been met (sadly) with opposition, slander & all the most bitter feelings that can ever come up into the heart of a person that practises the religion.

    It's been worth it though.

    Freedom of thought & expression mean everything to me.

    Now my children are learning the same. The religion has virtually no hold on them now.

    Life is good. It is also short. Live it!

  • dig692

    Happy anniversary! I wish it had been an easier road for you, but I am happy for your freedom

  • ziddina

    Let me congratulate you on your freedom!

    Leaving can be very tough, but I am glad to hear that your children are coming out of the 'trance', too!

    Zid - left approx 26 years ago...

  • besty

    good man Jambo - we are coming up to our 3 year anniversary - good luck going forward

  • PSacramento
  • jambon1

    Thanks guys.

    It's been a journey all right (like it has been for everyone).

    PSacremento (another great line from Braveheart) - "Go home & tell the English that Scotlands sons & daughters are no longer theirs..................Burn it!"

  • Gayle

    Happy Anniversary to your Freedom!!

  • sspo

    Happy Anniversary and many years of freedom to you in the future !!

  • chickpea

    happy happy joy joy!!

    dont ya just love the smell
    of freedom in the morning?!?

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