sociat security for illegals

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  • ssn587

    Received an email recently that mention that our politburo congress is once again trying to get SSN benefits for illegals. Has anyone of you out there in cyber land heard anything would much appreciatee it if you would let me know. tks in advance.

  • Elsewhere

    If they pay Social Security Tax, then they should qualify for the benefit.

    If they do NOT pay Social Security Tax, then they should NOT qualify for the benefit.

  • moshe

    Only people who are able to legally work in the US get a SS card. We know it's a dirty decret that illegals use the SS numbers of other people- dead and alive to give to employers. Here is the problem- some of these illegals are getting long in the tooth or disabled and unless they are deported, the local governments will be on the hook for their old age expenses- look at Obama's Auntie in Boston- she is a visa jumper from Africa and is living in state low income subisidized hosuing in Boston. Somehow politicians want to get federal aid for these illegals and in the process keep the Hispanic vote.

  • megaflower

    another way for the govt to level the playing field

  • sammielee24

    If they pay..they get it.

    If they use a stolen number, then the person they paid into then receives the extra benefit of their work. If the person is dead, it goes into the 'kitty'.

    The corporatist government has been ignoring the problem for 20 years now - even despite protests from their own citizens to fix the problem. The government chose to 'level' the playing field to the lowest common denominator by allowing illegal immigration to expand to millions. The government chose to allow this expansion in, even though proof was that resources were being stretched in education and health services.

    One of the primary reasons that the government chose to go down this path, was to dismantle and remove the power of the unions, whose purpose was to fight for higher wages and adequate benefits for the average worker. Allowing illegal workers to flood the markets, even if it meant eroding some of the good social services in place, allowed employers to shift away from unionized workers and increase profits by using cheap labor. Payment in cash to workers results in no taxes paid outside of consumption taxes resulting in reduced tax revenue but an increase in tax paid services used. Americans themselves have chosen to side with the government on many of the same issues - often citing a hate for good union wages and a quest for the cheapest product they can buy no matter how they get it.

    The government chose this path years ago...the 'real' wage of the worker in America has not gone up in almost 20 years which is why the market was flooded with easy credit....look at one and then look at the other and they balance off.

    Can't blame the illegal migrant - blame all past governments for their refusal to crawl out from under the lobbyists and special interest groups and do what was right for America. sammieswife.

  • InOregon

    Read about this at It is not true and has been floating around the internet since 2006.

  • ssn587

    Personally, I don't want illegals to get anything, but their asses kicked out of this country, they are here free loading, and they have ruined the health care and many hospitals in the LA area. they deserve nothing, they are illegal, they have no respect for our laws and we should have no respect for them, drag them and the children the hell out of this country is the only answer i find acceptable. If they want to be here, then get work visas like others do.

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