I know it's not good to stereotype, but come on!!

by JWinprotest 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWinprotest

    Yesterday's bookstudy was about the value of hard work, and on page 175 they have 3 pictures of good JW examples who are working hard.

    One picture is of a woman working in an office environment, and I think it's an office at Bethel. The second is of a woman in Africa carrying a bundle of sticks on her head. And the third is of a brother, get this........ WASHING WINDOWS!!!! AHA HA HA!!

    Boy they really aim for the stars, don't they.

  • Finally-Free

    Maybe they should have included a pic of one of their pedophile defense lawyers working hard at telling lies in court.


  • JWinprotest

    Yeah or maybe a picture of a brother or sister doing one of the less glamorous jobs at Bethel, like cleaning all the stains off the toilets.

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