How long will it be before ALL the Governing body are in their late 30's and 40's???

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    As the oldest members die off in 2010 it's going to be very hard to find qualified men from the anionted who are capable of joining the Governing body. Most are just too old, so the new trend is younger members. In 10 years I can imagine the Governing body members looking like a young boy band, eating Pizza at their meetings and saying things like "Dude, like what's up with this blood doctrine?"

  • nugget

    They all look far too young already. The cycle seems to be non anointed joint GB in an advisory capacity then surprise surprise those people discover they have heavenly hope they are anointed. They slip in under the radar. Yes before long they will be younger then me. I already feel sorry for some of the older r&f they have no idea how old the GB members are. One elder friends was surprised when he discovered that a GB member was of a similar age you could see the panic.

  • alanv

    I'm pretty sure reading between the lines that most of the research and number crunching is done by those not proffesing to be of the anointed.

    There is no reason why books and magazines can not be written by brothers or sisters.

    The main criteria seems to be that the governing body simply have to intial an article to say they agree with it. Ray Franz dealt with this in his books .

    Certainly none of the older members are going to spend hours reading every article written for publication, they will rely on others to do that.

    The whole faithful and discreet thing is a joke as is the growing numbers who proffess to be of that class.

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