No KH Building Money

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  • metatron

    There are plenty of crazed Witless fanatics who seem to think that building a Kingdom Hall is the way to solve all problems with growth and morale. However, the Society continues to be negative about building .............and even remodeling money. I know a local congregation that got told this recently.

    Those poor brothers on the Regional Committees. They may be forced to go door to door to get their time in (instead of being allowed to count building time as field service).

    Just more RECENT evidence that Jehovah God is closing his Great Celestial Wallet when it comes to funding the Watchtower Society.


  • Farkel


    I never could understand tearing down an old piece-of-shit Kingdom Hall and replacing it with a new piece-of-shit Kingdom Hall. One only needs to look at the buildings the WTS has put up in Brooklyn to see that they are austere, cold, lifeless structures that are pretty much worthless as improvements, given the immense value of the land they sit upon at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.

    Same the Kingdom Halls.

    The value is in the dirt and will always be in the dirt. Since the WTS gets the dirt as part of the ownership of the property for Kingdom Halls, why improve it with new, ugly shit?

    I cannot figure that part out.


  • WTWizard

    They would be able to avoid these problems of always having to build new buildings if they would invest the money and build a real good building in the first place. True, it would cost more (and, back in the 1980s when they were growing rapidly, they had that money). But, there would be fewer moves, fewer hours wasted looking for new sites, less energy wasted running the climate control systems, and less unexpected repair bills. And there would be fewer necessary rules for maintaining the buildings.

    As for the money, they get the money they deserve (of course, they get more than they deserve by using guilt and force). If they genuinely created value for the members, people would be willing to pay dues. The more value they create, the higher dues they could get in the free market. One would still be free to contribute more (and, if they provide exceptional value, most people would be glad to support it). They would turn a profit, and be able to expand. And, there would be much less for apostates to use to ruin their structure.

  • sir82

    Related news: There was a LBOE recently sent in which all congregations with KH loans are encouraged to do another of those "financial surveys" for everyone in the congregation. That's the thing where they pass out slips of paper, and you write down (anonymously) how much you can donate or loan as a lump sum, and how much you can contribute per month.

    It seems that many congregations are having difficulty paying the full amount of the loan for their Kingdom Hall, and the Society wants to "restructure" the loans. I.e., if the congregation now can't afford to pay the full amount, the Society would lower the monthly payment (but stretch the term of the loan out longer).

    Supposedly this is a "loving gesture" on the Society's part, but I suspect it is the easiest way for them to figure out how much they will be hurting financially in the coming months, and whether or not some of the wealthier congregations can help out.

    There's a proposed assembly hall to be built about an hour east of Columbia SC in the USA. Original schedule had it about 1/2 done by now, but they haven't even broken ground yet. Contributions so far are less than half of what they expected.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Not much going on with the local RBC for the last 2 years. If their's any publisher increase in the USA, it sure ain't happening here!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I know of congregations who were told if they saved half the cost of their new hall, the society would loan the balance.

    They reached their target and guess what? The society haven't come up with the goods.

    They are hurting financially.

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