Traces of hypnosis in the new song book ?!?!?!

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  • EndofMysteries

    I just said another startling insight! After seeing it in so many songs, it finally clicked when I was checking song #97, old one #43.

    Now for those who have heard, the songs are super mellow now, the flow is....soothing. At the district convention almost chanting like.

    Anyway, any who know about programming, sales, hypnosis, is that making somebody repeat something, fools their mind into believing it.

    Old song #43, was bringing out a lot of things that God's followers would do, be clean, dress nice, loving neighbors, etc.

    The NEW one, as well as most songs, most are made making statements, one example in it, old song said "We have a ministry so sacred, that we desire to dignify". - well I guess that's a waste of space, as it only acknowledges the ministry of God as sacred. The new one says, "Our service we hold to be sacred, our worship is never routine". By saying that, singing it, it bypasses the mental block or thinking ability and your mind accepts it as truth. Do some research into hypnosis that even Obama is showing to be doing while on TV, even many sales guides teach a small form of it.

    I'm guessing in addition to this all, the music tones as well as making the statements other then reading as if talking about yourself, will cause you to believe it if your not aware of whats going on.

  • EndofMysteries
    EndofMysteries - That Dr. taught many hypnosis techniques, and you'll be surprised to see how often you've been somewhat lead into it in everyday life. If you check that out, you'll understand more what I'm talking about. This isn't the type of hypnosis where your a full zombie unaware of actions you do, but the kind which gets your mind to accept things unchecked. It's similar by sales gurus, it gets thoughts past the checkpoint barrier of acceptence in your mind and without raising red flags, which is why so much is happening without anyone questioning anything.

  • peacedog

    : the kind which gets your mind to accept things unchecked.

    I agree that the songs are all about this. So is the WT "study".

  • 38wastedyears

    Yeah, the songs, the repeating of the same scriptures over and over again, the talks and articles are always recycled and's just to drive it all in. The more they tell you it, the more you believe it. Honestly, if I hadn't become inactive for a while, I might not have been able to leave, because when your mind is that programmed you can't just think about anything else.

  • megaflower

    In Steven Hassan's book, Combating Cult Mind Control he touches on this very subject. He states, "music is used by many cults for indoctrination because it forms a strong anchor for memory.

  • WTWizard

    Good thing I never attended one of those practice singing sessions. Sounds like these "songs" are more than just wastes of electricity and time to play and listen to. They are in fact dangerous--especially for anyone that is just starting to join the cancer. I suspect that they are going to induce people to donate more, do more field circus, and to eliminate anything that is even close to fun from their lives. Trouble is, they are also programmed to believe in this s***. Because otherwise, you cannot be hypnotized to do anything that is blatantly against your beliefs.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    NLP! it's used by the GOVERNMENT too, OBAMA used it in his speeches. Anthony Robbins is a huge NLP MASTER ... he was BILL CLINTON'S personal COACH. And Steve Hassan mentions it too or uses those techniques.

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