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  • wonderwoman77

    Last night I had the most bizare dream. I had a dream that I was going to the KH with my mom. Which is crazy in two ways, one I would not go to KH and secondly I never see my mom. Well it was like most the people that went there before went there still, but no one had aged or changed in the 5 years I had been gone. We got there at the end of the public talk, and all the chairs were turned facing the literature counter instead of the stage. The WT study conductor asked the questions from the lit counter. And some random guy kept passing around cans to get donations for charities. It was so weird. There was no closing song, everyone just got up during the reading of the last paragraph and left...Very odd....This is really the first time I have dreamed about the KH in prolly 4 years...

  • jaded

    I also had a JW dream last night. (Actually, it was more like a nightmare.) Dreamt that my husband talked me into going to a Circuit Assembly. Anyway, right before I woke up I decided to tell him that there was no way I would go. I think this nightmare was brought on because of the thread about Joel going back to the KH. There is no way I could ever go back.

  • butalbee

    I had a nightmare very recently that I went to a meeting and it was very hot in there and their was fire and smoke, and people who I know are disfigured incubus'. I am there and they won't let me out, I try to run for the door, but there's no escape, no windows. There's a big sign that says FEAR GOD. Oh, they had shovels in their hands. I know sleep with a cross around my neck.

  • jaysong

    I occasionally will have a dream where I am going from door to door, and right in the middle of my sermon, I realize I don't believe this crap any more, and I apologize to the householder and walk away with the most incredible feeling of relief.

    I don't have them as often now (I've been out for 15 years), but they still come now and then and usually have a similar theme---I'm back in there, I realize I don't have to be, and I walk with a burden lifted...

    IMHO, if you are doing serious work in therapy on issues related to leaving the WTS, you'll probably dream about it. When I was doing my first hard work on the stuff in my head, I had JW dreams almost nightly.

    It's your subconscious mind processing---and probably a good thing---


  • Nicolas

    I had a nightmare of this kind last year. I was dreaming that I was in a kingdom hall and all I was doing were wrong so I weren't giving a good example for the new disciples. Well, this is almost the reality, when you are a jw and you are never doing enough...

    Black holes are where God divided by zero.

  • WildHorses

    What is it with all the JW dreams? I had one last night too. I just posted about it.

    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.

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