Thank You Secret Santa

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  • LouBelle

    I just wanted to thank my secret santa for my gift. I love candles and these smell so lovely. They are unwrapped and alongside my other candles. I just don't know who to thank as there was no name attached.

    I'm very concerned however that the gift I sent hasn't arrived. It was sent on the 7th of December and going to the UK - it should have got there by now, well I don't know if the person has received it.

  • judi8751

    Ok secrets out was me lol

    so pleased to liked them , I love candles too



  • LouBelle

    Thank you so much Judi judes **hug**

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi LouBelle

    yes I got your pressies thank you!!! I posted on the other thread but you must have missed me.

    The decorations looked great on my tree and I love the little cup - I'm going to use that when I need really strong coffee LOL!

    And the calendar is about to go on my study wall - I just need to find a couple of small nails so I can hang it.

    Even the stamps were fab too - I collect stamps and don't have many - if any - from South Africa so all round I'm 'dead chuffed'!

    Thank you again

  • LouBelle

    Hi Sad Emo - Thank Goodness!!! I was so worried it didn't get through. I have been on leave and only checked JWN sporadically.


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