Question about a funeral for a DF'd person???

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  • lalaa

    If somebody had been DF'd for years, showed no interest in coming back and died, would it be okay to go to their funeral if you're still active??? What if a regular pioneer was this individuals' sister in law, would it be okay for them to go? Also, the deceased is having an elder give a talk at the funeral home...One more thing....this person's family is either inactive or DF'd...all will be there...This person only has one brother who is still in the truth.

    I know it's been years since I've been out of the truth but the last time I checked it was inappropriate to go to a dead DF'd person funeral. Someone please clarify this for me.



  • Opus92

    I can't see Witnesses caring about the funeral of someone who is dead to them anyway.

  • dig692

    I'd be curious to hear what the elder would say at the funeral.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    if it is for the family they may... or if the df'ed was making steps to come back... they do what they want and make up reasons why they are right

  • EmptyInside

    I know a sister who's son recently died. He has been disfellowshipped for years. And many from the hall attended the funeral.

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