Came across something today....Some ridiculous history of Russell....

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  • restrangled

    Harvest Gleanings III, Zions Watchtower extra 1894

    A conspiracy Exposed and Harvest Siftings.

    This may have been posted here before, but I didn't find it in the Search Mode.

    Just for fun, if you can get through will learn much.

    Rose Ball, Russell's foster girl, her husband to be among others signed and/or wrote this.

    It's interesting to note they also had land with oil, that they sold, bought back, etc...they were very business oriented, concerned about the printing business and the profitability, etc. etc.....if you have the time its quite a learning experience.


  • Farkel

    There is nothing ridiculous about it at all. Russell had his hand in many businesses, including a Sears Catalog type business where he bought wholesale and sold retail by mail. He denied in Court at first that he had any part of it, but recanted after his lies were revealed.

    Russell was a shemless liar about his marriage, his finances, his wife and mostly about his "Truth." He even broke off a partnership and stole his partner's mailing list in the process in order to switch them over to his own publications.


  • cameo-d

    Didn't Rutherford go in with Rothschild on a special piece of property in the "Holy Lands" somewhere?

    Wonder what that's all about.

  • restrangled

    Farkel, I found the entire document ridiculous. From the infighting to the holier than thou attitudes. None of them had anything figured out except the profit margins with brothers as business partners to slander, to what they really believed.....oh strike that, what they believed a few years later.

    Things haven't changed a bit no matter who is in charge. The only difference is the brethren doesn't get to hear about the in fighting anymore.

    I would guess it hasn't changed one iota.


  • dissed

    I can't belive I read most of that diatribe.

    Russell is a pathological liar. He was full of contradictions in his one sided justification piece.

    And your right, the attack tactics of the WTS haven't changed abit over the years.

    I loved how in the end he tried to isolate his accuser as an apostate admonishing his readers not to even look at the guys stuff.

    Somethings never change with them.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Blimey! he goes on a bit doesn't he!

    The Rose Ball thing puzzles me though. For Rose to have ended up as one of the directors of ZWT, maria russell mustn't have minded too much as at the time that one was written, the russells were together and the whole thing about CT being innapropriate with rose years before was yet to be thrashed ou it seems.

    trying to understand the whole rose thing and timeline


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