How will the US health care affect the WTS?

by sinis 2 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sinis

    I'm thinking that they may get strapped with the mandatory insurance of "employees"? I wonder if that is why they are cutting back on stuff as well. Thoughts?

  • dissed

    Yes, I'm curious to see how that unfolds.

    If it does happen.......we all know of their aversion to pay the govt anything (see refusing to pay sales tax on lit or property taxes)

    Who knows how they would react?

    With losing a recent case to NY on a workers comp claim and then... gulp!.... having to properly take care of their employees. This might force the GB to restrict some of their annual two week zone visits to Tahiti.

  • B_Deserter

    I'm guessing the new laws don't apply to non-profit organizations with "volunteers." It would probably take an investigation and a court case to determine if the "volunteers" at Bethel aren't really just slave laborers. But since it's a religion I'm better the government will leave them alone.

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