The W.T.B.T.S. is on the ropes for negligence

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  • unbaptized_1

    Hello again to all.

    Okay,friends,I hear you guys........
    Oh,no,not the return of the newbie gone
    mad prophet!! I had to step back for a few
    months to allow time to pass for matters to
    begin transpiring,right? Well,let us see...
    The wtbts will no longer offer subscriptions,
    which will preceed the demise of that mag....
    the watchtower.However,since the wtbts will
    now be calling itself....Jehovah's Organization,
    (catchy new Name,don't you all think? :)It is
    reasonable to consider that the watchtower is
    also going to be renamed.
    Still,it is more likely that with people not
    to confident in the U.S. Postal Service to give
    them uncontaminated mail,that the newly named
    wtbts will instead announce that due to recent
    events that it is no longer cost effective nor
    possible,really, to continue the old paper,print
    and mail proceedures that have always been used
    up until now.(i know it hurts the sharp minds of
    scrutiny who have been vigilant in assessing the
    errors of the watchtower mag).Kinda like taking
    the blanket from Linus,it is gonna be painful.
    Soon.........yeah,like how soon,is soon,right?
    Before too much longer,:),The wtbts will say to
    it's flock that by devine allowance,they will be
    using the internet and becoming active in mailing
    "electronic magazines".(hey,just push delete)But
    of course,this "corporation"(see wt for july 15,00,
    page27, "Annual Meeting.... paragraph 2,line 1).
    Whether this service will encompass a fee(stop the
    chuckling,we know money is the great motivator)is
    as yet to be seen.Eventually,as other matters of
    grave concern consume the wtbts,such as foxes in
    the henhouse(read as theft and extortion of funds
    from the wtbts)the writing will be on the wall for
    the coming demise of a central headquarters and/or
    "governing body".Why?......1 Peter 4:17-18.As one
    member replied to me in the original post on this
    topic,speak as a babe so as to be easily understood.
    Until next we resume this issue,may Jehovah bless
    you all and also your families,peace.


    ezekiel 34:1-31

  • TheOldHippie

    I really wouldn't place too much emphasize on the subscription issue, as this arrangement has been going on in the rest of the world for up to 7-8-9-10 years. It is nothing new. Magazine deliveries and number of magazines printed has increased, so this is no starting point of a downwards trend, but in stead it is the US (finally) following the rest of the world.

  • unbaptized_1

    The negligence lies in the area
    of failing to properly dispense timely
    and sound guidance for real life issues.
    One most critical: Specifically addressing
    and being lovingly critical of brothers
    who seem to feel that the sisters are
    their private oyster beds(no pun intended)
    for fornicating in what has become habitual
    sexual misconduct.
    Jehovah is not asleep...................
    Jesus Christ is highly motivated to make
    the changes necessary,since the wtbts has
    outlived it's purpose and the congregations
    will be shepherded locally by states with
    their own districts and circuits.A more hands
    on approach is coming.There has been enough
    information processed and printed.Now God is
    going to focus on the specifics within His
    own house without 1 main headquarters.Besides,
    that will facilitate anonymity for the flocks
    as Jehovah's people sorta go....underground.

  • unbaptized_1

    To all the ladies at this web site
    and you lurkers out their know if you
    are ladies or not,:)),I will be posting
    a message directly related to how much
    gratitude Jehovah has for the the last
    100 years or so of the foot busting you
    have done so as to make His Name known
    again in this,the truly final days.All
    the women of Jehovah can take solace in
    knowing your efforts have not gone un-
    noticed by God.But Christ died for all
    people,and many are the women subjugated
    by extreme men and harsh cultures where
    even today,for example,disfigurement in
    the Sudan is still practiced,called lip
    plates.Funny,I never saw any man with a
    lip plate,just the gals,by force,really,
    although not all, and a rebellion against
    the practice is arising.
    Great blessings and comfort to all the
    women of earth will be realized very soon.
    I will post it by tonight.Thanks for your
    time in reading this.
    ezekiel 34:1-31

  • NameWithheld
    the truly final days

    Would that be the truly, really we mean it this time, last of the last of the end of time days? Or just the previous last days of the end of time? I need to know, cause I got to plan a couple of trips and stuff. Plus if this is the end of the last last truely last days, I want to run up a few credit card debts, take out lots of loans, stop making my house payments, etc. Let me know - thanks!

  • unbaptized_1


    Thanks for going the comedy route and
    not slashing my tires on the way out. :)
    Keep making the house payments,but feel
    free to run up the visa,mastercard and
    any other other card,because what you
    have been witnessing in Argentina, it
    is certain to arrive on American shores
    in the near future.We just won't keep
    changing our president every 2 days or
    so. :) ezekiel 7:19.
    I hardly like to subject myself to
    the kind of ridicule and maybe even a
    whole lot of anger that can come from
    speaking what I have.It was quite hard
    for my mind and heart to be convinced
    to "assume great airs" such as these.
    I am a back of the bus,last in line
    type of guy,and I tried to hide from
    Jesus Christ,but what must be,must be.
    On that note,"bartender,make mine a
    double,please".By the year 2008,those
    most difficult of times will be fully
    upon us.Now I am not claiming a year,
    or month or day,as THE DAY OF JEHOVAH.
    But I will step out with confidence as
    to who I have to rely on for what was
    just said above,and I stand by it,and
    expect to hear either yeah or nay as
    to Jehovah's accuracy for estimating
    difficult times upon the earth.That
    is,if things would stay like it is,
    but it won't,but you all are wise to
    note this moment,and hold your tongues
    because some day,some man speaking up
    about Jehovah and distressing times
    coming into being, is gonna be right.
    Genesis 19:14.Recognize mercy when it
    is shown,after 2008,the real pain is
    going to begin and it will last for
    awhile,that is all I can speak of.
    Remember 1 thing,Jehovah will save
    anyone who calls upon His name even
    if they perish due to anothers evil
    at the end.Fear is a great and just
    motivator,and Jehovah will take it
    as a token that a person is getting
    their mind right about Him.Lastly,
    this is not 1975,I promise you.Love

  • seven006

    "Fear is a great and just motivator"

    I agree with this statement. Scare the hell out of someone and they will love you forever.
    I think that is the tie that binds most JW women to their loving and controlling husbands.
    It worked for the Taliban, why not another fanatical group of scared and victimized people.

    The JW's may be able to quote word for word what they are programed to quote but they
    don't have the slightest clue about what real love is and it's power of motivation.

    You people crack me up. The truly, absolute, final, not kidding this time, trust me, honest to god, time of the end.

    Keep dreaming and have a nice day.


  • NameWithheld

    Now this is funny!

    So it's not 1975 this time, this time we mean it, things are SO bad it's really over. We think. I mean, if we keep up making dates one of them HAS to be close eventually right?

    So I guess I'll wait until 2006 or so to start running up the credit cards

    Oh, and BTW, if you're hiding from Jesus Christ, don't hide under the bed or in the closet, that's the first place he looks!

  • unbaptized_1


    You have a couple of credible points
    spoken,and yes,many are the "over zealous",
    not quite ready for prime time preaching
    duties,that are and have been out there.
    The true message at your doors should have
    been,simply to say hello neighbor,we are
    in the area to encourage all people to
    to read their sacred and holy books,what-
    ever your faith may be,and to pray to god
    for us jw's,and all the people on earth.
    Because we jw's need you to forgive
    and pray for us too.Nobody has a monopoly
    on God,and He is impartial and works in
    those "mysterious ways" that will make
    anyone acting high and mighty to fall
    hard,real hard.Isaiah 28::21. The Holy
    Bible shows in fact,how much Jehovah
    cares for those "foreigners".Read the
    old testament,it is clear.
    Christians have issues,to say the least.
    In the name of God,every sort of evil
    has been committed on earth,heck,even
    Hitler was a christian.All CHRISTIANS
    MINDS AND HEARTS,SADLY.Matthew 22:36-40,
    Matthew 6:44-48.You decide if those
    verses are what we must all follow,
    while never judging others,ever.
    Matthew 6:14,15.
    Not ONLY Jehovah's people will be
    standing when the dust of the great
    tribulation clears,because Jesus Christ
    is going to operate much like this:
    Jonah 3:1-10.There is plenty of time to
    mame,kill and destroy,and have'nt we
    all just had it up to ear?
    Follow the 2 commandments and leave
    your fellow in peace.If HE ASKS YOU
    in the near future,all religion will
    be banned and forbidden,with people
    more than willing to live as the state
    would dictate we should,being fed up
    with christian and muslim zealotry,all
    sorts of perversions and every other
    issue you can add to what I just said.
    Peace to you,Dave,and may Jehovah
    bless you and your family to no end.

    your servant,Larry

  • unbaptized_1


    Sounds like good advice,I will
    keep it in mind,and thanks for your
    going easy on me. :))

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