Me and the Blind Guy

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  • Farkel

    Some 10 or so years ago I met a blind fellow in a San Diego beach tavern. He was a pleasant chap and we hit it off right away. I was surprised at how knowledgeable he was on many topics.

    He told me that he liked to "read" a lot. He subscribed to an audio service which provided him with a player and a large library of tapes he could listen to. Our conversation soon turned to the philosophical. I mentioned to him that I was once a dub and asked him if he knew anything about them. I did not at this point mention any of my thoughts about the religion. He said he once ordered a tape which contained articles from the Watchtower magazine. I asked him what he thought of them.

    He said, "Well, they sure are in love with themselves from what I've read. Most of what they said was about how great and special they all are."

    This from a guy who had known nothing about the religion and that was his first impression from their very own publications! I cannot help but wonder how many others get this same first impression from their literature and how off-putting it is for them.

    What are your experiences with people like my blind friend?


  • snowbird

    I knew a wheel-chair bound man who had an eidetic memory and was not impressed by the JW's.

    Whenever they would call on him, he would confound them with his knowledge of the Scriptures.

    It made the 4 dozen or more "proof" texts we used in FS look downright paltry!



  • BabaYaga

    Just proves one does not need eyes to see.

  • straightshooter

    Some people I know loved the literature. They thought it was extremely informative, especially the Awake magazine. Others knew that it was religous propaganda and wanted nothing to do with their literature.



    I don`t know anyone who is as impressed with the WBT$,as Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    Everyone I know,thinks the JW`s are more than a Little Strange..


  • dissed


    Impressed with the lit........

    If just reading the Awake for a few years is compared to getting a college education, then after 26 years, I must be some kind of Dr.

    But what college are they comparing it to, "Whatsamatta - U?"

    But back on topic.....

    My brother, while in college decided to find out why I was so enthralled with the WTS and grabbed a handful of mgs to read.

    And he read them.....

    And he was shocked on how simple they were. "They are like elementary school quality. The sentence structure and thoughts are written for children"

    He was sincerely honest, not trying to be haughty, but couldn't figure out what I saw in them, and why I was being led into this group.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Howdy Farkel!

    Not too many years ago I was in the room with a Witness whose father had just seen the organization video. After the viewing was over the Witness asked his father what he thought after watching the movie. He dad replied, "Witnesses are isolationists!"

    His son was surprised! He asked his father, "Can you explain why you say that?" to which the father replied, "They don't even want to buy milk at the grocery store like the rest of us! They have built a farm complex just to take care of their own!"

    My thought was: this guy don't miss a thing!


  • zzaphod

    I used to find the graphics used in the Watchtower and Awake embarrasing whilst on the FS in the `80s, I`m not sure that the photos used today are much of an improvement. In the end they got "free sample" written on them and shoved through the letter box of a not at home, still all totted up at the end of the month.

    Paul UK

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know people who referred the Awake! to a watered down Reader's Digest

  • PSacramento

    I know that many who don't knwo the bible get impressed by how "knowledgable" JW and their literature are.

    Of course those few that end up studying the bible and biblical commentaries soon see how in reality the JW know very little about the bible and how all they do is propegate WT propoganda and doctrine and to mislead about what other religions really believe.

    Of course some of the blame must also go on other religions that don't really teach their follwoers as well as they should.

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