A list of Witness doctrines that have gotten Brothers killed or beaten! Suggestions?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    1. Obviously the ORIGINAL blood doctrine from the 1950'-1970's banned ALL Blood products of any sort causing many deaths. {Latter revised due to bad publicity and many deaths}

    2. Organ Transplants are banned till 1980. {As above}

    3. "No part of the world"......refusal of ANY other non military services for Conscripts caused many Brothers and Sisiters to be shot, killed, tortured, raped put in Concentration camps. {2001 this policy is changed so non-military service can be done during conscription. Also the Governments are "from the Devil" idea is tone down dramatically}

    4. Abortion is murder in Jehovahs eyes even if the Mothers life is in danger.

    5. Other religions are "from Satan" causes many beatings, bannings, tar and featherings, and murder of Brothers. {later toned down and sugar coated for good PR}

    6. Suicides due to guilt for "displeasing Jehovah" or "not being good enough, molestations not brought to justice."

    Most of this is Rutherfords doing...did I miss any???

    Most of this is Rutherford stupid fault...did I miss any?

  • Leolaia

    Another biggie is the "Fear Them Not" Watchtower articles from 1934 which taught that JWs would risk eternal destruction if they halt the preaching work and should not fear death at the hands of men who could not give them the "second death". For JWs in Germany, this meant that they had to spread Rutherfordian literature (which at the time was literally filled with anti-fascist messages) within Germany to avoid the everlasting death of Gehenna.

    Compare the Society's attitude today about preaching in countries "under ban".

  • nugget

    Banning of Party cards in Malawi.

    Shunning which has led some to deal with complex issues such as sexulaity in isolation feeling abandoned by those they needed. In some sad cases some have decided to kill themselves.

    The hope of never dying has led to people postponing operations thinking the end was coming soon. All the children never born because paradise was just round the corner. This leaves all this older generation with no family to leave their worldly goods to so the society benefits.

    I am sure that there are many other examples the yearbooks are full of them.

  • blondie

    Being told to stay with an abusive husband.

  • VoidEater

    Don't salute the flag; get beaten at recess.

    Speak out against blood; get beaten at recess.

    Go out door to door; get beaten at recess.

  • JWoods

    Did we forget the rules of an absolute necessity to scream and fight if a JW woman is being raped?

    Did we also forget the general sense of depression over never being quite "good enough, spiritual enough" that has led many to suicide?

    BTW, that Malawi thing is something that we should never forget...not only was it a completely unscriptural rule, but the persecutions were made far worse by that unbelievable letter-writing campaign that the WTBTS thought up.

  • Heaven

    I understand the absolute ban on blood was actually Fred Franz's brainchild.

    The whole 'headship' idea really burns me. I watched my parent's relationship die because of that load of wisdom crap! My Mom's chronic illness and ultimate death can be attributed in a very large part to this belief they uphold.

  • isaacaustin

    Compare the Society's attitude today about preaching in countries "under ban".

    what is todays stance???

  • thetrueone

    I've known of children beaten continuously by parents who took the literal word of god of

    Children who disobeyed their parents should be beaten with a rod.

    This gave many JWS parents, mainly fathers the go head to beat their children harshly,

    this wasn't just done only for the child's sake but to confirm the mans position in the household.

    Growing up as a JWS I witnessed quite a few instances of brutality by fathers who

    were being faithful to this destructive social behavior.

    I guess trying to emulate 2000 year old social morals from the ancient Israelites and their values

    is indeed damaging and counter productive.

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