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  • oneidanp

    Police in Waterloo, Iowa have confirmed that Longo was in Waterloo a few days ago. His SUV was seen several places, including Hwy. 380 between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. He still had the license plate KIDVAN on it which is hard to miss. One lady who was following him on HWY 380 was interviewed on tv and she said she was scared to death. They've been covering this the last couple of days here and tonight the police have said the sightings were genuine. It's not known if he's in the area any longer. He once lived in Iowa for a short time.

  • DazedAndConfused

    I followed a vehicle yesterday right here in Tucson with the license plate KIDVAN. I thought that was a cute vanity plate. Wow, if I had only known. I called the FBI today and reported it. I remember coming up behind it and being stuck for a few minutes because he was going under the speed limit. At that time I thought "Wow, is this person running from the law or something?" Because no one, and I mean NO ONE here drives the speed limit much less under it. haha. Anyway, we will see what happens.

  • oneidanp

    He's driving a dark green SUV. The vanity plates are from Michigan. I agree, no one drives under the speed limit around Tuscon. I couldn't believe how fast you can go out there. It was nice.

    As of this morning Waterloo police still believe the sitings in Waterloo were genuine. He's probably long gone now but they are saying that if he looks for work it would probably be in a fast food joint. He must have worked in them before. They also say he has another set of vanity plates which he might have with him.

  • ARoarer

    He's probably taking refuge in some congregation somewhere. The elders won't turn him in if he is "repentent" and there are not 2 witnesses to the crime. They will harbor him under thier "ecclesiastical privlege".

  • Billygoat

    What's the story behind Longo? Who is it? What happened? Is there another thread I missed?


  • Mum

    Andi, he allegedly killed his wife and 3 (?) children in Oregon. He is an ex-JW. He had embezzled from his employer, I think, a builder, and was a fugitive from justice.

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