anyone have a bucket list?

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  • chickpea

    i dont have an official written down list
    of things to do/ things done, but i was
    reflecting the other day about some of
    the singular types of experiences i have
    had and i found that some of the the
    one-off occurences in my life were pretty

    the highlight of the year just past was being able to lobby in DC...
    including an infamous "walk and talk" in the hallways of the Hart
    Senate Office Bldg, putting a face to the pending legislation, being
    marginally literate in the policy process, using arcane phrases
    like an sycophant, handing out "leave behinds" (<< arcane phrase)
    and establishing direct contact points with my legislators' offices
    which i have used on at least two other occasions this past year...
    "hi, brendan, this is XXXX... we spoke in march about HR 3132..
    nice to talk to you again... (<<<sycophant)

    it was definitely a tick mark on my bucket list.....
    but then again, i hope it has repeat potential

    anyone out there doing things they always wanted to do?
    things you didnt know you wanted to do?

  • chickpea

    wow.... seriously?

    no one? anyone? bueller?

    my hub and i ended up
    on a month long holiday
    in NZ, and since it was my
    idea and fully planned and
    executed by moi, i made sure
    that a few adventure pkgs
    were part of the deal....

    one of which was black water rafting
    which was actually tubing down a
    river that ran thru a cave system
    (waitomo caves if anyone knows NZ)
    home of the famed glow worms...

    it was a 3 hr trip in 12-14° C water
    with the only light being provided
    by the dozen headlamps of the rafters...

    there were leaps off waterfall edges into
    pools of the blackest water i have ever
    seen... claustrophobic passages that had
    to be managed with a frikkin inner tube
    slung over one shoulder and drop dead
    hilarious tour guides who could not resist
    torturing the tourists...

    at one point, they told everyone to turn
    off their headlamps and they would slap
    an inner tube on the water, in order to
    disturb the glow worms so they would
    begin their display of bioluminesence....
    then we were to float out following the
    glow from the cathederal roof of the
    limestone caverns....

    the guides warned us, there in a dark so deep
    you could not see your hand in front of your face
    that the river forked before it got to the end...
    we would know we had drifted down the wrong
    fork if the lights disappeared!!!! then they said
    "if you have any questions, raise your hands"

    this belongs on someone's
    "things i would like to do before
    i miss my chance to live forever
    in paradise" list

  • snowbird

    I hate the thought of dying.

    Always have.

    That's how I was so easily swept off my feet by JW's.


  • chickpea

    awww mate!

    bucket lists are about living

    living out loud!!!

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I still have one more dog to train. I'm looking at a world record.

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