JW Elder in FL sells his home, makes front page news!

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    Local JW Elder made front page news by selling one of the area's top ten most expensive homes in 2009. Ironically, or pehaps well planned, his home is the only one with a gate to keep out the pesky peddlers. I don't know if you can make out the sign "Camp David" in front of the house, but it is there!

    Just in time for the January WT urging Dubs to quit their living wage jobs to Pioneer, and advising young Dubs that college is over-rated. No nice houses for the peons!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I have no doubt that this elder realized what an unnecessary burden owning such a large house was, and has decided to simplify his lifestyle so as to make more time available for spiritual pursuits. Perhaps after finding more modest accomodations, a nice townhouse, perhaps. or an apartment, he will be able to start regular pioneering!

    No Apologies

  • MinisterAmos

    LOL! Dave is building an even better house of course! You may have already guessed that the Bros built the house for him, and then re-constructed it after Hurricane Ivan chewed it up.

    He did have to pay for the materials (at wholesale of course)

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    I'm curious: Was the seller explicitly identified as a JW in the orginal story because, if he was, I don't see what his religion's got to do with the sale. If the seller wasn't directly identified as a JW, any subsequent posts made in relation to the seller's religion seem gratuitous.

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