jw son disowned & disinherited

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  • tsar_robles

    my dad who is already 60 something is thinking about disowning/disinheriting my brother. He loves him dearly and has for some years tried to understand and justify his lack of 'natural affection' towards both him and mom despite them not being jw's. For example, our mom lives in the same town we do and yet he would not visit her for all 2009. My dad lives 20 hrs away and has lots of trouble making ends meet with his part time job and my step mom's SS check. My brother refuses to help him saying that he's also paycheck to paycheck (yet vacations in europe) and that any $$ he would give my dad he would probably spend it on grand nieces, etc.

    my dad thinks that he is not mean but rather that he's been influenced by his wife, etc. That used to be case but it's hard for me to tell my dad that this is not the case anymore, the more my brother goes up in the borg the more self righteous and unloving he becomes. What really upsets my dad is the fact that my sister in law has not bothered to meet his grandson (my son) since he was born 2 yrs ago. He considers that an insult to our family and does not see how my df'd status can affect family ties to that extreme. He says he will have no choice but to consider he's lost a son and leave his fully paid house to moi. I tell him not to rush things and to give my brother some time to come to his senses. I know this is very unlikely but I hate to see my dad saddened by my brother's attitude.

    My dad said that he appreciates me and my family coming over to visit him and thanks us for helping him and that instead he will write a letter to him with supporting scriptures.

    It is ironic to see the lack of 'natural affection' from jw children towards their elderly parents and how that fullfills their own bible prophecies (2 tim 3:1-5)....

  • jamiebowers

    You and your brother both should reap what you sow. Leave your dad alone and let him make you the sole benificary. You deserve it, and he doesn't.

  • nugget

    Were your parents ever Jws or was it just you and yor brother?

  • tsar_robles

    just me and my bro.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I don't want to seem mean or crass, but if your Dad has no estate to speak of, what purpose will disinheriting your brother serve?

    Your Dad might better take the opportunity to show himself to be a better man than his negligent son by making a statement in his Las Testament about how he missed his son and hopes that his son finds the unrealized dreams of his chosen cult to be worth more than association with the man who brought him into this world and cared for him as a child.

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