Did anyone get this emailed to them?

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    This was emailed to me a couple of years ago so I realise I am posting this rather late but thought it interesting all the same. It shows how the Witnesses can use something to prove their cause, blind to the fact it is actually against them! The email was a copy of a NY Times advert for an organisation against religion being involved in secular society, however, witnesses somehow fail to remember that they are an organised religion and a very controlling one at that. The link is here


    This was the text of the email that was sent to me (REALLY):

    You have got to read this!

    And don't we know it!!! Bring on the NS

    Its True
    Things are happening all around us .
    Do you recognise the signs?
    Dont Miss a Meeting
    Read the bible daily.
    Stay close to Jehovah and he will stay close to you.
    we are having some really good Watchtower studys now.
    Cant you just feel things taking place
    we are in the twilight of this old system and dont we know it.
    Praise Jah you people!!.

    The irony is overwhelming...

  • stuckinlimbo

    Off subject but I Just wanted to point out the comment about "can't you just feel things taking place". This is such baseless, emotional drivel, that I hated even when I believed. How can one "feel" things taking place. Either "things" (which conveniently implies real signs without the bother of specifying signs that can actually be proven/disproven) are happening on Earth or not.

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