GB and Doctrine review/change

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  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    Some JW doctrines which were implemented years ago were clearly never thought out wisely,

    I wonder if the GB would ever consider reviewing for example, the blood doctrine which causes so many unneccesary deaths amongst JWs.

    And then again they would be careful not to just change it as this could possibly be met with an uproar from those who lost loved ones due to this doctrine.

  • alanv

    That is now the case in many of their doctrines. With blood, minor fractions are now allowed, vaccinations are o k and transplants are now a conscience matter.

    Years ago they changed alternative service from a big no no to it could be alright now it's up to your conscience. Even voting I believe is fine now in many situations.

    The generation doctrine has been changed gradually over the years and has been a great embarrasment to them.

    Loads of dates have changed. As soon as one date was proved to be wrong they have changed it to something else.

    Any normal org. would be very embarrased by all these changes but most times the WT gets away with it claiming it is new light from Jehovah. The rank and file are so indoctrinated that this is God's org. that they accept it unreservedly.

  • xmkx

    I remember questioning why transplants were so bad when I was younger. It just didn't make any sense to be ok with fractions but NOT ok with transplants... in neither case are you receiving a straight up blood transplant and in many cases you're not even receiving the part from a LIVING donor to begin with...

    Now the generation doctrine to my understanding is gone and I wonder what on earth they are replacing it with... it seems like that was their very last alternative.

  • Heaven

    Any major revision to any of their doctrines that opens them up to legal liability will never be done. They don't have that much money! This is why they change them piecemeal. In this way, it isn't such a shock to the membership and they hope that they don't lose out both in people leaving and in lawsuits.

  • moshe

    I agree that changes will be done slowly to minimize legal exposure and avoid public embarassment. If the JW's ever realize that the WT org is not God's true religion and their leaders are not God's mouthpiece, it might not matter anyway. JW's would begin to leave on their own, just like the Tower of Babel , in a state of dazed confusion.

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