a lesson in emotional blackmail from jehovah god

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  • highdose

    somthing i realised the other day. It has always puzzled me how many jw's will always resort to emotional blackmail to get their own way. " if you don't do what i want then i will do this!" I always wondered where they learnt this talent.

    its simple really, they learnt it in the bible from Jehovah. think about the old testement and gods dealings with the isralites, the scriptures are full of endless " you must obey me in this point, if you don't, i will do this terrible thing to you!". Theres whole chapters of stuff like that.

    Funny because i was always taught that is not an adult way to communicate and is a very destructive way of conducting realtionships.

    So there you are... puzzle complete!

  • wobble

    I think the Yahweh of the early writings is a God who suited the people of the time, and since then we have created Gods who suit our time, we create God in the image we aspire to.

    The Jehovah of the Watchtower obviously says much about those who created him.



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