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  • julien

    Do we all (X-dubs) have this? I sometimes get this 'Spidey sense' like warning when JWs are around. Sorry if it has been discussed before.

  • libra_spirit

    Yea, they kind of radiate a sort of hollow plastic forced, controlled energy. Smiling at anyone who is a possible convert, ignoring anyone who isn't and not having a clue about themselves.
    You can feel the mold they have streched over themselves.

  • RunningMan

    Yes, we do.

    JW's use a language that is all their own. Quite often, a simple
    phrase that means nothing to someone else, will tip off a JW's

    If nothing else, the polyesther suit from the early 70's is a sure sign.

  • Hojon

    LOL, Spidey-sense. I totally have it. It's pretty easy to spot them if you have been one I think, especially when they are just getting done with service (about when I'm in town having my lunch).

    Spotted an Awake on a co-worker's desk the other day, it didn't have the tell tale "three-fold" look (that they get when they are mailed) to it so I'm not sure if he's a witness or not, but I've been trying to test my JWDar and on him.

    Do they even mail the mags out anymore? I used to remeber in the hall it was a mark of shame if you didn't have a thrice-folded magazine, it meant you really weren't studying. What a joke!

  • fodeja

    Absolutely. As some others mentioned before, there's the Kingdom Hall language ("upbuilding", "the world", "this system"...). I think if you've heard that often enough, your subconscious can pick it up long before you become aware of it.

    A dead giveaway is the phrase "I know Jehovah's Witnesses very well", sometimes followed by "and they're the nicest people to be around" or "and if everyone was like them...".


  • slipnslidemaster

    If that isn't the truth. I found out that I worked with one after 2 weeks. The little hairs on the back of my neck just wouldn't stay down. Finally, I just started dropping little clues and sure enough, he was a dub.

    He had a very hard time thinking that I used to be one. don't know why. couldn't have been all the "worldly" behavior.

    Slipnslidemaster:"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."
    - Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut

  • Jourles
    "three-fold" look....mark of shame if you didn't have a thrice-folded magazine

    Sorry to nitpick(that's just me), but the mags come bi-folded in the mail, at least here in the USA.

    And yes, the mags are going to start being distributed from the hall instead of being mailed. Not like I care. I let my sub run out about 4 years ago and never renewed it. Thank god my wife still keeps hers or else I would not have access to the fine spiritual banquet that arrives twice a month to keep me in the light.

  • Hojon

    Hmm, I think you're right. It was at least 10 years ago so I must have forgotten. They were folded the long way, correct?

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