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  • Undecided

    He Y'all,

    This is an email I sent to a nice one I received from someone who post here ecassionally.

    "Thanks for the comments. The longer I live, the more I realize that we as humans know very little of what caused the universe to exist and what other possibilities of existance, forces, dimensions(time, space) there might be, along with things our mind can't comprehend.

    Now after saying this, it seems we live in our own little world, developed by our genes, experiences, material surroundings, culture and associates. I would like to know more, but so would a lot of other humans, but it seems we are captured by our material makeup. My opinion is the brain is controlled by material things, certain enzimes, electrical current etc. I don't think we have any special mystical powers or a spirit soul. Sometimes the brain can be effected by drugs, emotions( which change the chemical balance)or a bang on the head and we may think we are in another world, sort of like a dream, but it isn't anything revealing special knowledge. I have never tried drugs, only been drunk twice in my life, so haven't seen these hallucinations myself.

    The realization that I don't know anything special about the future is scary, since I am 66 years old, will face death soon and don't like the idea of nothingness, but I guess I will have to live with it. I hope there will be something more than this life, but doubt it."

    Ken P.

  • SixofNine

    I have a comment. I'd wager that this gentleperson is no more or less in a state of anxiety over their impending demise than any 66 year old with some sort of spiritual hope. Likely less, imo.

    Funny how that works.

  • Undecided

    Hi SixofNine,

    I think you are right, my main concern is for my children and wife when I die. I wouldn't be around to give what little help I could.
    What really would be bad, is my becomming mentally or physically dependent on their care. I hope this never happens. I don't really fear death and I'm not too concerned about what happens then. I just want to enjoy my life as I have in the past.

    Ken P.

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