hunting mouses and swallow elephants

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  • happy man
    happy man

    I must say when i read this side for a few month, it is something i dont understand, why is evry thing who smal it is blowing upp and putt out here as a bigg sinn.
    If we compare what is important, who was killing ech other inn 2 wordwar, yes, inn the hart of christianity,
    Who was a part of all killing inn Ruwanda and former yougoslavia, yes, religion as catolic, musslim, grrek otodox and some more, have a very bigg responsiality, million of peopel was killd inn this mess, priests was blessing on both sides.
    wat the bilbel sais is clear, DONT BEE LIKE KAIN WHO KILLD HIS BROTHER, and you must love even your animy,
    i can only find one religion who was saying no to all this, can you qess who.
    And here you say nothing about this, evryone nows that JW is unik , standing outside this diffrent wordley kings.
    Dan 2:44, Rev 6: 12-17, hez 38 .10-12.
    Can you tell one more peopel who dont have any walls, you can only take all of theres things they have no protection.
    Something to think abauot.

  • metatron

    Lots of people object to war. A number of religions seek
    conscientious objector status (Quakers, Adventists, etc.)

    More than that, they may actually practise charity and compassion
    - unlike Witnesses. That 'not killing your neighbor out of love'
    is nonsense. Witnesses commonly look forward to seeing their
    neighbors destroyed at Armageddon - and frequently fantasize
    about getting their property!

    Witnesses avoid war because of cult obedience to Watchtower
    authority, not love - and not because they care.

    The Watchtower damages families, discourages higher education,
    injures children, and deceives Witnesses into 'putting their
    lives on hold' - wasting years waiting for an End that is
    always soon - but never comes. They promote beliefs that
    encourage depression and mental illness.

    Is that 'hunting a mouse'?


  • happy man
    happy man

    What you say is simply not the truth
    one exampel, i have a son 23 year old, he is going on High schol inn Stockholm.And is avery hard working JW.
    And you say we can not do it, why must you the whole time tell lies.
    If we have any advice, it is not a law.
    And who can you be mentall ill if you have a goal in your life,
    i think it is mor reson to belive that these peopel who not have any hope, only think life it this and no more, are they who have problem.
    but as i say before, mental disturbens is most from kemikal error inn brain.

  • JT

    Happy man says:

    If we have any advice, it is not a law.


    Happy man this is just a little mental test you can take right at your PC.
    We all know the answer, but I want you to think long and hard about this in relationship to the quote above.

    1. How would you be viewed and what would happen to you or any jw for that matter who at the next gathering while the CO is there-- you or any jw annouce/say/ indicate that you were on the internet the other day posting on this site and see nothing wrong with it.

    a. they all would ask you for the URL
    b they would commend you for being on this site - even the CO would pat you on the back

    c. you would be lookup as one who is spiritually weak?

    you don't really have to answer it here - cause we all know the answer

    but i want you to think about it ok

    you are not even a free man to even be here without fear of being in trouble

    how sad

  • fodeja
    i can only find one religion who was saying no to all this, can you qess who.

    Man, I've said it before, Metatron said it, and I'll repeat it: JWs are NOT unique in their opposition to war. If you don't know that, you're just as clueless as most JWs are about other religions. Actually, as religions go, there is hardly anything unique about Dubland.


    p.s.: This is an honest question: are you unable to write normally, or do you just don't give a damn about spelling? English isn't my first language either, but I see no reason to write messages that resemble line noise a whole lot more than the "pure language" supposedly spoken by JWs.

  • moman

    happy, you seem like such a nice person, with a good family.
    When you say ADVICE iz given by the Watchtower, however, you thats not true.
    The Watchtower claims to be the conduit for Gods word & message to man, the Faithfull & descrete Slave, the Annointed, giving SPIRITUAL FOOD to the sheep.
    They have also called themselves PROPHETS, until they couldn't hide from their lies anymore.
    Yes, they do not go to war, but they enjoy the protection from those that do, while they remain TAX FREE!

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