A Sad report on a Family's "Loving"

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  • lydia

    I don't believe how those in the BORG have the ignorance to say that they are the "MOST LOVING" of all religions!!
    Case in point....
    This past weekend my "adopted sister" went missing on me - (she lives about 1 & 1/2 hours away) I couldn't reach her by phone and when I called anyone in her family -with the exception of Merry (other Adopted sister) no one lifted a finger to find anything out!!!
    I called continually for the Weeknd, and gave some thought to the fact that she may have went someplace for New Years.
    However, when I failed to reach her on Tuesday or Wednesday morning...(she has a abusive husband who she left this past year- and dispite having a Protection from Abuse order - continues to hold her hostageat times and harras her..)
    I called her parents (DUBS) who informed me that they hadn't spoken to her for 3 week - because she hasn't called them (they liveless than a mile from her!), I finally got them to realize that something may be seriously wrong. Only then did they take action and call the police to check on her - Woe be it for them to leave the house - and drive the few blocks!![8>]
    Such Love!!
    Thankfully Sue was found.. but only after several hours.. she had been afraid to return to her home due to a neighbor's attack on her child and her husbands threats...but not harmed much.
    How sad it is that those who claim to be so very Loving are so negligent when it comes to the welfare of their own child..Thankfulls this time it was not a bad outcome.. but what if I didn't call her daily?? Would she be a statistic?? I hate to think how that would be!
    Anyway - I just had to let someone know how very upset I am at the lack of concern by those "LOVING DUBS!"


  • Celia

    Terrible, isn't it ?
    And they say again and again that they are the only true religion because of their love for one another...
    They must have very vivid dreams !

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