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    'America's Most Wanted' Puts Heat on Hunt for Longo

    January 3, 2002, 11:00 AM

    By Teresa Bell,
    kgw.com Staff

    The well-known anchor of the national television program "America's Most Wanted" is putting pressure on Christian Longo, the Oregon man accused of killing his entire family.

    John Walsh said, in an interview on KGW-TV, that "America's Most Wanted" will send a strong message out to Longo in an upcoming program: "Don't do the dumb thing, surrender right now. Turn yourself in before you destroy somebody else's life."

    Authorities across the nation began searching for Longo after his wife and three children turned up dead in waters along the Oregon coast last month.

    Considered "Extremely Dangerous"

    "Killing three beautiful young children, he is a very dangerous, psychotic person. I'm really surprised he's been out there this long," Walsh said. "It's pretty obvious that this guy is very smart and he has been able to stay out there way longer than anybody thought he could."

    The segment on "America's Most Wanted" will be ready for broadcast on January 12th. Walsh said the FBI asked for help from his crime-fighting program because Longo is considered "extremely dangerous".

    "Our responsibility is to help local authorities in Oregon find Longo and arrest him and return him to Oregon to face the local charges," said Charles Matthews, with the Portland division of the FBI.

    New Twist in Search

    The FBI is also focusing on fast food restaurants and coffee shops across the nation.

    Mathews said Longo has a history of working in fast food restaurants, and he may have taken a job somewhere in the country after leaving Newport. Longo worked at a Starbucks coffee shop inside a Fred Meyer grocery store in Newport last fall.

    Crime Scenes

    Investigators made the heartbreaking discovery of the bodies of Christian's wife MaryJane Longo and two-year-old daughter Madison in Yaquina Bay on December 27th. The other children, Zachary and Sadie were found in Alsea Bay in Waldport a week earlier.

    Crews from "America's Most Wanted" traveled to both locations to videotape the scenes. They also interviewed investigators and people who knew the family.

    Now, relatives of MaryJane Longo are coming forward to talk about the case.

    Relatives Horrified

    "It tears at parts of your heart you never knew it could hurt," said Mark Baker, MaryJane's brother.

    MaryJane and Christian were married for nine years. During that time, Christian developed a rap sheet for writing bad checks and building up tens of thousands of dollars in debts. "He's been able to con a lot of people out of different things. This is his hidden past," Walsh said.

    "Baker (center) and his family are horrified over what happened.

    "Three small innocent children… We just can't understand it. You look at your own and you think: 'how could anyone even think of doing something like that?'"

    The manhunt has stretched from San Francisco, where he was spotted after Christmas, to as far away as Interstate 380 between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, where people say they saw him on December 30th. Police think Christian was driving a green Dodge Durango.

    The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department realized quickly it wouldn't be easy to track down their suspect. "We made a request to 'America's Most Wanted' for help, I believe through the FBI," explained Lt. Ed Stallard.

    MaryJane Longo's relatives said they won't rest until Christian is found.

    "We can't sleep at night, we're in fear ourselves. If he's capable of doing something like this, what else is he capable of?" said Baker.

    Memorial Planned

    A memorial service for the Longo family is scheduled for Friday at noon in Yaquina Bay State Park in Newport.

    America's Most Wanted" anchor John Walsh also planned to appear on NBC's Today Show Thursday morning to put a spotlight on the investigation. But due to technical problems, his interview was canceled.

    "If he (Longo) is still out there by next week, he will be the top of our show ("America's Most Wanted").
    We are hoping that people will call in," Walsh said.

    John Walsh Talks About Longo Case
    streaming video:

    . http://www.kgw.com/kgwnews/oregonwash_story.html?StoryID=34188

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    Arrest Warrant Issued for Father
    December 29, 2001, 05:15 PM

    By Abe Estimada, Doug Irving and Kyle Iboshi, KGW Staff

    A nationwide manhunt has turned up no trace of Christian Longo, the Oregon man charged with killing his wife and three young children.

    The FBI issued a national fugitive warrant for Longo, as police in Newport searched the bay and marina near where Longo lived with his family. Prosecutors said they believe Longo is on the run, but said they still have no motive for the murders.

    Longo has been missing since his son, Zachary, was found floating in a coastal slough. His daughter, Sadie, was found a few days later. Divers pulled his wife, MaryJane, and two-year-old daughter, Madison, from the cold waters of Yaquina Bay late Thursday.

    Longo was last seen in the San Francisco area as late as Dec. 26, police said. The FBI called him a fugitive who had crossed state lines and could be armed and dangerous.

    Neighbors in the tight coastal town of Newport remembered the Longos as a regular family that showed no signs of trouble. Christian Longo rented a Newport condo and worked at a coffee stand in a Fred Meyer store. His children spent much of their time reading and working on puzzles at the Newport library.
    Lincoln County authorities have given few details about the homicides, releasing photographs of the Longo family and confirming the identities of MaryJane, 35, and her children.

    Shaken Newport residents left teddy bears, flowers, balloons and a photograph of the three young children in a makeshift memorial on a dock near the Embarcadero resort.

    Divers searched near the Embarcadero because it is close to Christian's last known residence. Neighbors said Christian had lived in a condominium, very close to where MaryJane and Madison were found.

    Christian told neighbors he worked for Qwest as a surveyor, but he instead worked for the Newport Fred Meyer. He also told neighbors he had two children when in fact he had three.

    "He kept his story pretty good," said Newport resident Sarah Johnson. "He said he was from Michigan or wherever, but then come to find out, he was living in Waldport and everywhere else… (it's) just twisted."

    The Detroit Free Press reported Friday that Longo had been named in six civil suits seeking more than $30,000 and is wanted on two warrants in Michigan. The warrants included one for violating probation for forging checks and one on a charge of larceny by conversion.

    The Free Press reported that for six weeks in June and July 2000, Longo printed checks that looked nearly identical to the ones written from a builder's bank account. The fake checks included bar codes and check numbers, and the checks were made out to his construction cleaning company for amounts of $2,786 and $3,908.

    The builder's wife noticed the fake checks because they were a different color from the real checks, and Longo was typically paid in the hundreds of dollars, not in the thousands.

    The Ann Arbor News in Michigan reported that the Longos left a total of $60,000 in debt out of Washtenaw County.

    Other details in the Free Press and Ann Arbor reports included:

    • The Ypsilanti District Court tried to repossess Longo's car in September to repay $5,000 owed to Merchandise Brokers, Inc. When Longo defaulted on his $431 monthly payments for his leased 1999 Dodge Durango, the court garnished his tax refund. The Longos, however, had left the state.

    • Longo was convicted in October 2000 for forging $30,000 in checks from builders in Saline, Mich. He stopped reported to his probation officer in Ann Arbor and is wanted on a warrant in Washtenaw County. Longo was last seen on May 21 and missed his June 11 and July 2 meetings.

    • Longo also is wanted on a December 2000 warrant out of Pittsfield Township for allegedly using a bad check to buy a $3,000 trailer.

    • Longo still owes restitution of $950 a month for another 33 months plus another $30 a month in supervision fees, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections. Longo doesn't appear to have showed up for any court-ordered community service.

    The Detroit newspaper also reported that MaryJane's siblings in Michigan noticed she was missing in August and feared for her safety. A sister filed a missing person's report in Toledo, Ohio.

    At a news conference prior to the discovery of the latest victims, Lincoln County Sheriff John O'Brien said there was nothing to justify naming anyone as a homicide suspect.

    The police are also looking for the family's green Dodge Durango with Michigan license plates. Lincoln County authorities searched the Longo residence in Newport Wednesday but declined to say what they found. Evidence is being processed at the state police crime lab.

    An affidavit filed in Lincoln County Circuit Court outlining the search was ordered sealed by Judge Thomas E. Branford.

  • LDH
    ". Such problems could have been dealt with if Longo's parent's would simply have offered and provided financial assistance.

    I'm surprised at you MA. How dare you assume his parents DIDN'T provide him with assistance?

    My own df'd brother (30) is always crying 'financial hardship' and going to my parents for money. GODDAMNIT all they have given him money, food, cars etc. How the fuck much more do parents have to do?

    This bastard was a grown married man with children. If you're that hard up, go apply for Public Assistance.

    This story parallels (unfortunately) where we think my brother is heading.

    And while SHUNNING in part may be to blame in this guys case, in my brother's case he has been 'out of the truth' for 5 years and he has run off all the worldly friends he has because they also don't want to bothered with this shit.

    Yes, religion may have been a fator in this case but let's call a spade a spade. There are some real nucking futs out there, and mathematically some of them are JWs or XJW.

    You blew it.

    Buttons Pushed Class

    PS If my brother EVER did something insane like this and some asshole like you tried to exploit it by accusing my parents of being the cause, I would have you on fucking slander charges so fast your head would spin.

  • MadApostate


    Excising a quote from this thread:

    . http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=18640&site=3

    and posting it over here with your ignorant comments shows the "class act" that you are.

    It also further demonstrates your stupidity considering that in this thread, I stated:

    I speculate that being shunned by his JWElder parents may have pushed him over the edge, or at a minimum, the parents were not there to help him when he needed them most.

    Here is my response to MooooCow in the appropriate thread:


    LisaDumbHeifer (and U.R.Stupid):

    I see that you are still seeing red from that spanking you took on your idiotic thread re "CircuitLeasing".

    Anyone with elementary school level reading and comprehension skills can read my initial post and see that I said:

    ... JW SHUNNING may very well have been the driving force
    behind Longo's downhill slid which finally climaxed in an act of mass-murder.I further stated:

    ... me suspects that Longo's Elder-father likely followed the WTS's unwritten/unadvertised policy of "total shunning".

    Now, if you two jokers can't see "speculation" in that post, then that's your own problem.

    Further, anyone with half a brain will understand that the only way it will ever be determined if "shunning" was partially responsible for Longo's mental state will be for such "angle" to be investigated by members of the media.

    AND, for that to happen, someone has to point them in that direction.


  • MadApostate

    For any readers who may have been discouraged by the troll LDH's comments above, please refer to this thread:

    . http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=16702&site=3

    which demonstrates what can be accomplished when local folks communicate with their local media regarding JW issues.

  • LDH

    I speculate that being shunned by his JWElder parents may have pushed him over the edge, or at a minimum, the parents were not there to help him when he needed them most.


    LisaDumbHeifer (and U.R.Stupid):

    I see that you are still seeing red from that spanking you took on your idiotic thread re "CircuitLeasing".

    Topic of this thread aside, 'lash-outs' like the above are the reason you will never be a part of the invisible hierarchy in this forum or any other. Your need for others to accept you is pathetic and sophmoric at best.

    On this subject, I took a direct quote from you. You have no right to speculate what set this fucker off. If I were the parents of this jackass, I would certainly pursue a legal claim against you starting with an order to Cease and Desist from your slanderous comments.

    Because you are so full of hate, no woman would want your children. Therefore, you will NEVER know what it is like to give your all, and your best, and have it thrown in your face by some stranger who doesn't know a goddamn thing that went on in your house.

    You are a pathetic, whining, loser who lives in the perceived victories of his past. You are a legend in your own mind.


  • LDH


    Hurry Up MA! You've missed your chance to tell others not to worry about a multi billion dollar corporation! Make sure to tell them to instead speculate about a senseless tragedy and try to blame someone that wasn't even there when it happened! [8>]

    You're a damn genius!


  • MadApostate

    BTTT, because I want as many people as possible to see what a FOOL and TROLL LDH is!!!

  • AlanF

    Actually, MA, you prove yourself a fool and a troll -- like I've said from your beginning on this forum -- because Longo was not a JW when he committed the murders. Therefore the goal of your post -- to smear JWs by associating a murderer with them -- is transparently ridiculous.

    I've watched how you put up messages that seem to be critical of JWs, but either they're neutral, or they have the opposite effect of what you claim to be accomplishing. You're a double agent, of sorts, but not a very good one.


  • LDH

    ha ha ha.

    Happy New Year, MA.


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