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  • HyTech

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my post the other day. I was writing about the visit from the 2 elders that 'happened to be driving by my house' and stopped when they saw my christmas lights hanging on the house. My wife called her mother to inform her about the visit and she said that about a week ago, another witness stopped at her house and asked if her daughter and son-in-law (me) were still living at such and such an address. She told them yes. This is apparently how the elders found out about the decorations and they lied when they said they just happened to be driving by. They were informed by this witness about the decorations and decided to take a look for themselves. What arrogance! Is it common for other witnesses to spy on one another? Anyway, I haven't heard anything yet. I will keep you all posted on the outcome and again, thanks for all your support. I really do appreciate it.

  • ashitaka

    Spying common? Absolutely.

    I'm still under the gun, and it really sucks. I just want them to leave me alone. I'm married, breaking no laws, and I'm already 'marked' and they're looking to can me. Typical.


  • rhett

    Yes, spying is very very very very very very very common amongst JW's. Also, if the elders should come back by to pay you a visit you should really tell them you don't appreciate being lied to like they did when they said they just happened to be driving by. For all that, you could just happen to get a restraining order when you drive by the local court house.

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