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  • hillary_step

    Here is a sort of quiz. The question is, what is this?



  • SixofNine

    I don't know what it is, but it swings both ways, baby! grrrr!

  • Farkel


    I don't know the exact name of it, but I easily spotted the pattern.

    SATOR = ROTAS backwards
    AREPO = OPERA backwards
    TENET = TENET backwards!
    OPERA = AREPO backwards
    ROTAS = SATOR backards

    Anagram? I forget. I'm senile, ya know.

    Here's one for you: what 7 letter word contains all 5 common vowels?

    Mensa Window Washer Class

    "I didn't mean what I meant. Oh hell! YES I did!"

  • kenny2

    Along with Farkel's observation, they also read top to bottom the same way as left to right.


    Good one Farkel!I thought it was a demonic prayer..LOL...OUTLAW

  • ZazuWitts


    The magic square? Can be arranged vertically and horizontally to spell out Pater Nostras (+). Some attribute it as a secret code of early Christians, others as Mithraic in origin. I think this symbolism was found frequently in Roman and British-Roman sites. Oh, and yes, I recall the extra 'o's and 'a's were placed at top and bottom of +, and perhaps represented the alpha and omega.

    Will be looking forward to your more accurate explanation - it's been years and years since I've encountered this.

    Well, that's my laughable 'stab' at this.

  • hillary_step


    Quiz Queen of the evening! Well done.

    This code has been found scattered all over the Roman Empire, from Iran to Manchester. It's actual translation is 'The sower Arepo holds with care the wheels'.

    No-one knows exactly what its usage was but your post suggests one, especially in view of the fact that the The paternoster reading has the A & O at each end (Alpha and Omega ) but its usage still remains a mystery.

    I suppose I ought to send you a prize for your sharpness. Ask Carl to send me your address and I will send you a book that will be sure to interest you!

    Best regards to you -- HS

  • Farkel

    Zazu, (did you know "Gail Storm?" My Little Margie?)

    No, it is not the magic square. I have the formulas for the magic square and will be happy to share them with anyone who is interested. Just write me. A classic magic square is a 4 x 4 matrix in which all numbers add to any number given in the challenge:

    1) Horizontally for all rows
    2) Vertically for all columns
    3) Diagonally for both diagonals
    4) Top left quadrant
    5) Top right quadrant
    6) Bottom left quadrant
    7) Bottom right quadrant
    8) Centermost four squares
    9) First column second & third row boxes + last column second and third row boxes
    10) All four corner squares

    THAT is a "magic square." I blew away a math teacher when I said to him, "give me a number from 30 to 100." He did. I nearly instantly filled in all sixteen boxes and sure enough, all the additions I mentioned above exactly equalled his number. I KNOW the formula for that MATRIX!

    I wasn't pioneering at the time, btw. I had finally given that stuff up. I was into a thing called "learning." I had lived my whole life up 'til then to reach the point where I could actually begin "learning." Before that I was merely selling books with a shelf-life that did not last longer than the average tomato in my refrigerator.


    "I didn't mean what I meant."

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