Snow and Macon DO NOT MIX!!!!

by Bendrr 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bendrr

    It started sometime this morning before I got up at 6. The roads were ok so I made it into work. Snowed all morning with a nice dusting, then that gave way to rain/sleet. We planned on closing the shop early but the weather definitely didn't hurt business.
    People just kill me sometimes. Armageddon could be occurring, God hurling fire and lightning from heaven smiting the wicked and some jackass is going to drive to our shop to get his damn free tire rotation and balance. Oh and do an oil change while you're at it.
    My street was already iced over when I got home. Almost slid past my driveway and of course the idiot behind me just didn't quite comprehend that I was trying to back up to get to it. My apartment's parking lot was getting a nice sheet of ice over it, so I managed to get the car in the lot and out of the way in a back corner. Then there's a message on my answering machine. The shop's assistant manager (Bryan) identifying himself as the shop's manager (Wayne, who was off today) telling me the shop would be open tomorrow so I'd better be there. Yeah right, Brian. You'd better be glad I wasn't here to take the call! I saved a copy of that message. I can't wait to play it for everyone Friday, especially Wayne.

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  • ThiChi

    Wow, in Palm Desert, CA the temp is 75, sunny and everyone is in shorts!!! I feel for you.................

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  • Francois

    Hey Bendrr, we may get some of that in Savannah tonight. It snows here regular-like. Like every ten years.


  • Cygnus

    Fuck you. We had over 83 inches of snow in Buffalo last week, I lost (am losing) two weeks of work, and my shop is flooded.

    Have a nice tomorrow.

  • Trotafox

    Hey, Bendr: It's about 75 degrees in Ft. Lauderdale. Sorry.


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  • Bendrr

    Wish I could head your way Trot. If it's under 70, it's cold to me. I'd just as soon wear shorts year round.
    I've got the blinds open beside my desk right now, watching the snow fall. And the heater is set to 80.
    Too bad I left my r/c motorcycle at the shop today, otherwise I'd have a ball with it in the snow tomorrow.

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