Christmas Traditions

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  • xeracia

    Being raised a JW, I have absolutely no guidelines as far as Christmas goes. I started celebrating as soon as I DA'd myself...which is now ten years ago. So as someone on here brought up awhile back...I know all the Christmas traditions I start with my children and will be passed on, started with me! Which is pretty neat to think about.

    We always take a drive the week before Christmas and go see all the neat light displays in the area. I take my children to the local Christmas parade. And Christmas Eve we always spend at my best friend's house, where all of our friends (who are basically orphans in the family department) gather for Christmas Eve dinner. And then they come home and open one present before going to bed.

    But this year, I was discussing with my oldest daughter about trying something new. Picking a country off the map and do research as to how they celebrate Christmas in that country. And then Christmas Eve at our gathering, make a dish from that country's traditional Christmas foods...and tell how they celebrate in that country. She thought it was a really neat idea, as did my friends. So I think we will be adding it to our traditions.

    What traditions do you guys have?

  • Finally-Free

    This year I'm pissing off my family by breaking with tradition. I told them I won't be attending their Christmas dinners because:

    1. I'm diabetic and my blood glucose is way out of control right now, even though the doc has doubled my medication. I don't need the temptation of all that good food.
    2. Half of my family has already had H1N1, and I haven't been vaccinated yet even though I'm in a high risk category.
    3. They all live out of town which means I'm driving home in the dark. My night vision is getting very bad, and I almost had accidents the last few times I came home from their places. Staying there overnight isn't an option because of obligations I have at home.

    I'm beginning to get angry because they won't accept "no" as an answer. This could turn into a family blowout.

    What I am planning to do is have 2 friends over on Christmas for dinner. I really don't like the crowded gatherings anyway.


  • Lillith26

    Pancakes xmas morning! my mother started this when I was really young, and it's something I have carried on with my own children- regardless of where we are and who is with us, we eat pancakes- then open our prezzies....


    • 3 cups Self Raisin Flour
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)
    • 1 cup of white sugar (caster sugar is best)
    • 2 eggs (white & yolk)
    • add milk half cup at a time and mix untill you have a nice thick batter (approx 2 1/2 cups, but if you like thick pancakes use less)

    Beat the crap out of it and pour half cup portions onto a round small frying pan- cook on med heat (flip when bubbly) till golden and cooked through . serve with your favorite toppings...

    (My younger brother puts vegemite on his- yuk!).

  • WTWizard

    One thing that might help control your diabetes is alpha lipoic acid. Continue taking your other medications, and hopefully they will start working better. And you will be able to enjoy things again--along with possible abatement of the complications (including the night vision issue). One word of advice is that you want to get your alpha lipoic acid before December 31, 2009 in case Codex Alimentarius rids the market of this beneficial substance.

    And, one thing that will help you start new Christmas traditions is a web site . There is practically every sort of idea as to how you can build up Christmas. Experiment with some or all of the ideas, plus what you are seeing by driving around. If you start out with fresh lights, I do recommend LED lights instead of regular ones because they use 90% less electricity (less $500 electric bill, less chance of setting your house on fire, and less chance of blowing a fuse).

  • Chalam

    Here you go Christmas worldwide



  • blondie

    Family Xmas Menu


    Green Bean Casserole (on the Campbell Mushroom Soup can)

    Hashbrown Casserole

    Chinese Lettuce Salad,1618,144176-225199,00.html

    Mincemeat and pumpkin pies w/coffee

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