The "Moses Trap"

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  • moman

    Upon talking to an old friend & (card carrying Dub) awhile back,he unwittingly inserted a shoe into hiz gaping orafice.

    Although, this person & hiz family are straining under the heavy yolk of the Borg, he insisted that the WT waz not a false prophet, but just made a mistake,az all humans do. The example he cited waz the (old Moses one), thus setting the trap on himself. He said," Moses waz a prophet & he made a mistake & although God corrected him & he waz punished, he waz still a prophet of Jehovah."

    Well, we all know the account he waz refering to, when Moses gave into the crowd clammering for water by commanding the water to come out of the rocks, but didn't give the credit to God.

    I asked him, "Did God make the miracle happen anyway?", he of course, answered, "yes!" (the trap now being set). I replied, "So,if the WT iz spirit dirrected & a prophet like Moses, then would it not follow, that God would make their prophecies come (right or wrong) like Moses?" The silence waz deafining, he had no answer & could only mutter & try to change the topic.

    I realize this iz very basic to a lot you & iz nothing new, but I wanted to share it anyway. By the way, he remains elusive.

  • BluesBrother

    Had a long discussion with Mrs Bluesbrother about this yesterday.
    NB The Society claims to be spirit directed but not inspired .

    So they can fall back on "Human weakness" when words fail to come true ,or say that the light still has to get brighter. but still command authority from the flock.

    Basically, they wantit both ways. Its funny how it seemed to make sense to me at one time!

  • dungbeetle

    There's another one JW's love to use---the account of David and the priest Nathan (I Chronicles chapt 17)Short version:

    where David asked him.."should I build a house for the Ark?"

    Nathan replies "Yes"

    But later that night, God came to Nathan and told him to tell David not to build the house. Nathan did so. God continued to use him.

    I was there for the Ministry School when an elder's wife I think it was put on this ridiculous charade.

    1) As pointed out earlier in the thread, this is not 'prophecy.

    2) There is evidence God used Nathan in the FIRST PLACE (not like the GB, no evidence of divine inspiration ANYWHERE EVER)

    3) Nathan didn't claim that God told him to tell David to build the house. (didn't speak in god's name). The way the account is worded, it was personal opinion.

    4) And the GB collectively claimed to BE prophets (JW's are already lying about this publicly) and then suddenly, since 1980 or so, stopped. BY their own admission, they are/were false prophets. Why did they claim it for 80 years and then stop?

    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

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