It started as a suspician

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  • acolytes

    The painful truth that bought the Watchtower walls crumbling down for me, was not due to to the realisation that the techings were all lies but

    the realisation that many of the elders in the congregation were only interested in their social position and power.

    This started and a suspician and gradually became more insistent and finally the realisation that most of the body of elders couldnt care less about the doctrine.

    I then observed that many of the more zelouse brothers in the congregation cared more for the security of belonging to the congregation than if they were teaching truth.

    This coupled with the fact that 50% of the congregation were simply going through the motions and had know enthusiasm for preashing the "Good News"made me question the teachings.

    I have been amazed that I havnt been disfellowshiped as I confronted some elders and brothers in a forceful way and the conversations proved my thinking was correct.

    I then simply left the meetings never to return. Whilst Iam more cautiouse in my talking when I meet members of the congregation in the street I always make it clear I do not go to the meetings because I couldnt continue preaching a message I dont believe.

    I have felt a responsibility to tell the hypocrites of the damage they are doing to their kids futures so they can continue in there hypocrasy-

    I would be very interested in your opinions as why "No Judical action has been taken against me "?

    Could it be that they know I know an elder lied in court on a seriouse matter ?

    The last time I had any official contact with the congregation was when 2 elders came to see me. I simply told them about the court matter and said in my opinion it was a police matter.I then asked them to leave.(The doorstep)


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    How long has it been since the two elders met with you? Do you have contact with anyone in the congregation still? They could have DF'd you without your being there. If they haven't it is because they choose not to for whatever reason. W.Once

  • Satanus

    You challenged the elders on a personal level. That may have intimidated them a bit. The real greatest sin, in the org is challenging the fds, the authority of the old goobers in ny, that they are god's chosen channel, vicars of christ, so to speak. Start discrediting the headquarters and it's relative position between god and man, and you'll get a different reaction.


  • acolytes

    Hi wasan

    It was 7 months since the elders visited.Iam sure no action has been taken because only 1 person has shunned me.(He did it Iam sure becauuse I dont go to the meetings.)

    Since then I knocked on the door of a witness couple and said shame on you for shunning a girl who I knew suicidal.

    Also when I see members of the congregation in the street and explain my stance(I was surprised I was able to do this) They dont ignor me.

    I must say this congregation is a congregation that only had me as a member for a limited time.


  • acolytes

    Good point satunus


  • treadnh2o

    I am in a similar situation.

    I had two elders visit me. Just to mess with them, I was talking about the the muslim religion (they were a little freaked). I have made it clear that I will NOT go to their meetings. Recently my wife (still in) had a different Elders family over for dinner. The Elder looks at me and says "So who are we praying to tonight?" and laughs. This would lead me to believe thet know my feelings and are not willing to do anything about it.

    I do also have something that keeps them from acting. But eventually I am sure some blowhard elder won't care.

    If you want them to stay quiet I would not bring this up again. If you start speaking about this some k*ss *ss elder will make a stink.

  • lovelylil2


    The elders are cowards.

    They will not approach you if you can stand your ground and challenge them either personally or scripturally.

    When I Da'd myself I gave in a 10 page letter with scriptural documentation disproving major WT doctrine. I challenged the elders to come by and speak with me but ONLY if they could prove to me scripturally that I was in error. Its been 7 years and I am still waiting.

    My husband continued to go to the meetings and never approached the elders about anything. He was sure that due to the circumstances they would approach him to talk about what was going on, or do "upbuild" him spiritually since he now had an apostate wife. Well, after 3 months of waiting, not one elder said a word to my husband. NOT ONE WORD!

    It was as if they never got my letter but we know they did as they announced me as no longer a JW.

    My husband felt they were scared to approach him because they thought maybe I shared my information with him, which I did. And they were cowards about how to respond, knowing full well they had no leg to stand on. Anyway, they did my husband a favor because that was the final thing that opened his eyes about the so called "spiritual" brotherhood.

    Over the years, we have seen some in your situation too. And because you can stand up for yourself, they will not bother you. They know you can see right through them and see them for what they really are which is company men for the WT. They don't give one iota about anyones spiritual health. And the fact that you have real dirt on them (i.e. the lying in court) will keep them from bothering you too.

    In the hingham Ma congregation the publishers used to laugh behind the elders backs about how they couldn't find a scripture with a search light. and talk about how the elders were not spiritual men. You would think the whole congregation would have left but many still stayed waiting for jehovah to take care of the situation. Thankfully about 40 of us woke up and left.

    The situation with elders is a joke really. Like you said, these guys are all about themselves. Glad you finally saw the real truth. Peace, Lilly

  • acolytes

    Thanks for the comments.

    Seeing my situation was not special was very interesting.


  • Mary

    It varies from congregation to congregation. I know AK-Jeff had been inactive for a decade and the bas-turds nailed him down and DF'd him (I think for 'apostasy'). There's no way they were going to just let him 'walk away'. There are others who have had the exact same thing happen.

    Then there seem to be elders who have the 'can't be bothered' attitude. As long as you're not standing out front of the Kingdumb Hall with a sign, they don't bother you. The elders in my area are fully aware that I don't believe it's 'the Truth' anymore, they are fully aware that another inactive Witness smokes, celebrates Christmas and birthdays and another one is "living in sin", yet they haven't bothered to DF them.

    It all depends on who you get.

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