Where do the gb stay?????

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  • buffalosrfree

    I have always wondered just where the speakers from Bethel, and just where do the GB members stay when they are at District Assassinations, er well you know and CAs. Do they stay in modest motels hotels or do their setttings have to be in 5 star hotels?????
    (like in only the very best will do)Just a questions I've always had. As members of a supposedly not for profit borg are thier personal Income Tax files available for perusing??? Would be interesting now wouldn't it. Buff

  • Flip

    I was led to believe, while a Jehovah's Witnesses, the GB used backpacks and hitched-hiked between 'gigs' when not flying between countries, to rub noses with Maori 'princesses' on arrival at a New Zealand airport. (I wonder if anyone still remembers that WTBTS film sequence from the 60's?)

    However, my favorite District Servant and his wife drove a Chrysler Imperial and pulled his 'own' 30' trailer, while staying at my parents home where I was still living. Since I owned a sail-boat, and he was ex-WWII navy, we got along like 'peas and carrots.'

    Mind you that was during the 60's and 70's.


  • Sky

    I now believe they spend the night in the red light district, getting laid.

  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    London Bethel has 7 Rooms available for GB and members from NY who are over here (3 are currently being used by security specialists who are analysing call records and internet records).

    They are modest and well planned.

    If anyone is travelling to an assembly hall or an assembly they stop in 3 start hotels (usually a THF Post house or similar). If the gathering is at Bows road they commute from Bethel, Machester is at the Manchester Post House 3 buildings down from the Assembly Hall. If the meeting is at the Bristol Assembly Hall then they stop at the Bristol Swallow Hotel.

    Sorry to disappoint - they don't stop at the Ritz.


  • Mulan

    Many years ago, when they had money, my mom and stepdad had a large, elegant, beautiful home. The DO and his wife stayed with them. My stepfather was a Gilead grad, former CO, and missionary, so was known to the hierarchy, and was asked to house them. They also had Max Friend and his wife staying with them one time. He was such a sweetheart, and loved my Princess. He bent down and took her face in his hands, and said, in that great Jewish accent, "my great grandmother's name was Rachel too." (for those who don't know who he was......he was always the voice of Abraham or Noah or other patriarchs, in the Bible dramas)

    Now, I know they put them up in the best hotels, for the District Conventions.......walking distance if available. The Tacoma Dome has a large hotel in the parking lot. I always wondered how and why all the bigwigs got rooms there, when we would call IMMEDIATELY after the dates were announced, and there were none available. Hmmmm.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • buffalosrfree

    I specifically wanted to get some kind of information from those in the San Diego Area to see if they might know where they stay.

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