Uh Oh! Winter Storm Warning for Macon!

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  • Bendrr

    Just watched the Weather Channel. They're saying snow, sleet, and ice starting around midnight tonight and lasting thru tomorrow nite.
    I've been saying that we're overdue for another "Blizzard of 73".
    With my luck I'm gonna get snowed in at work tomorrow.
    Well, at least there's some decent hotels across the street. Maybe I'll get lucky and the Fuddruckers next door will get snowed in too. Hopefully Sylvia's working if it happens.
    Nothing like a natural disaster to bring people closer together!
    LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • WildHorses

    Would that be Macon, Georgia? If so, which way is it moving, to the north or south?

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  • Prisca

    America's got snowstorms and Australia's got fire storms.

    What a wacky world we live in!

  • Outaservice

    Nothing compared to Michigan! Tons of snow and drifting plus below zero temps. And to top it off our electricity has been off since early morning and was just back in service about a half hour ago.

    Outaservice (but in Macon would be doing just fine)

  • Bendrr

    Yeah, Macon Georgia, Lilacs. And it's moving Northeast.
    Outaservice, maybe so, but we're totally unprepared for it around here.
    It's 6:15am and I'm looking out my window at snow coming down. Went outside briefly and yes it's sticking.
    I'm not gonna be in too big a hurry to go to work just yet.

    I may not like what you have to say, but many men gave their lives for your right to say it.

  • joelbear

    2 to 3 inches for Atlanta

    4 to 5 inches for Macon and my Yankee husband left this morning for Thomasville.

    The grocery stores will be MOBBED!!!

    Bendrr, do whatever you should do to be safe. The next 2 days will be crazy on the roads.

    take care


  • ISP

    Its bad here..I went to work today and the outside temperature was -7. Thats pretty cold for the UK!


  • VeniceIT

    Just drove through Macon Sat. and man was it cold!!! BURRRR!!!!

    I wanted to some snow, just my luck it comes a week late!!!


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