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  • radar

    I have been watching John Edwards and his TV programme: Crossing Over
    This man is evidently very sincere in his belief that those that have "passed over" to the other side(Spirit life) desire to speak to the "Living" who have been left grieving for their loved ones.

    This man has demonstrated many times, a remarable ability in revealing knowledge of events and relationships peculiar only to those people he speaks with.

    He says he recieves these messages in various forms.

    I am wondering what SJs take on this is, seeing she claims similar experiences?


  • AGuest

    Hello, dearest Radar... may you have peace!

    My first compulsion was to not answer at all... and maybe even lie... for YOUR benefit. But... since truth must prevail:

    This man (and MANY others) does have such an ability; he is a spirit medium. His ability is the same as mine: discernment of spirits or inspired utterances. However, the One from whom I received MY 'gift', has cautioned ME that it is not to be used in this way. Which is why I don't do it. I 'hear' that this man was cautioned, too, as are all psychics and spirit mediums.

    That is because this one, too, received a gift... but 'missed its purpose'. He received free, but he uses his gift to 'exact a price.' What an unloving thing to do! The reason he 'mediums' between the living and the dead, rather than use the ability to glorify God and Christ (which is why we are granted such 'gift')... is because there is NO money... or glory... in the latter. Sure, there are people who pay to hear about God and Christ... and those who accept such pay... BUT... what they pay for and receive... and preach... is not the truth. The TRUTH, dear one... has been and always WILL be... free.

    As it is with flesh, however, there are people who tend to NEED someone to glorify. This man, then, fits the bill, for some. Their loss is GREAT, and while you may see him as comforting people, he is actually exploiting their grief, and getting paid to do it. In money, and now in glory. Tell me, where is the love in that, really?

    The gift of discerning spirits means that you hear spirits: good AND bad. Trust me, there are all KINDS of 'noise' going on in that realm. For those in heaven, there is no day or night, so they don't sleep. For those in the world of the dead... their spirits must be 'conjured' or 'resurrected' in order to hear them. This can be done, but I have been forbidden to do so. The time I went there (in the spirit), I knew my limits... I could not ask them anything, nor could I respond to the one question they seemed to raise: 'is this the One'?

    And because I want to keep receiving the WONDERFUL things of LIFE in way of sayings and visions that I do, and don't want to put my Father to the 'test', I don't mess around with the dead. Hey, they can't save me!

    But, because you ASKED, my Lord has granted me to answer. Because... and ONLY because... you asked. Now, what you DO with such an answer is entirely up to you. I caution you, though: both my mother and my father of the flesh are dead... and I have NO desire to 'contact' either of them. Why? Because my Lord, who teaches me to benefit MYSELF, has told me that I DON'T want to 'go there'. And I have learned to trust HIM... implicitly... so, I don't. Although I miss them greatly, I will see them again soon enough. My Lord, who had not lied to me yet, assures me.

    Peace to you,

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


    P.S. And it's "John Edward". There is no 's' on his surname. (Sorry... pendantic me).

  • ChuckD

    I think a far more likely explanation for the kind of performances that John Edward does can be seen at;


  • ashitaka

    I'm open minded, but more inclined to agree with chuck on this one. I certainly want to believe that people can do that, because it adds a sort of magic to the world, but, in the end, logic takes over the fairy tales.


  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    Chuck has this one down cold. Edward is a con man, a very glib and convincing showman who makes obscene amounts of money off desperate people. Check out his website, find out how much he charges for private readings and note that he makes appointments a YEAR in advance... lots of time to investigate and find out pretty much anything he wants to know about the shill. Edward was trained by Sylvia Brown, another famous 'psychic to the stars' who has also gotten obscenely rich by telling gullible people what they want to hear.

    Don't be fooled by this blend of charlatanry and showmanship. I've said this before, but it bears repeating:

    Two equally true statements follow:

    When the dead speak, they speak to John Edward.

    The dead don't speak.

    In this as in all things where someone wants his palm crossed with silver: caveat emptor.

  • radar


    Thankyou for responding but please explain:...."My first compulsion was to not answer at all... and maybe even lie... for YOUR benefit. But... since truth must prevail"

    And why would God Throw the wicked Angels to Earth for them to wreck havoc here while at the same time forbidding contact with lost loved ones?

    Mommie Dark
    Open mindedness allows for growth in understanding.
    Of course a gullable person might accept every utterence as "truth".
    but do not cast aside the fabulous, simply on the grounds of it appearing so.

    I will have a look at the link, Thankyou.

    OK, I have had a look....Hmmm interesting, I suspect you are correct regarding John Edward.


  • AGuest

    Dearest Radar... peace to you!

    Let me first say that there are those who CAN speak to the 'dead'... or rather the spirits of the 'dead'. John Edwards is one. To what extent, I do not know... but he is also an exploiter and extortioner... using his ability to 'fleece' people, in much the same way as false prophets. Even they, have SOME level of 'truth'... minimal as it may be. People tend to only NEED a little bit, however, to fall 'whole-hog'. I am not complaining: I was among them at one time, and succumbed to the 'lure' of the WTBTS because of its claim of 'truth'.

    Does John Edward (or any other 'psychic/spirit medium') speak to ALL those they claim to 'conjure' up? Not likely, because it wouldn't only be 'good' messages that they heard anyway. But, believe what you will... I have answered you in truth.

    Now, with regard to your question as to:

    why would God Throw the wicked Angels to Earth for them to wreck havoc here
    Simple. This is the 'realm' given to their 'god', Satan... the 'ruler' of this world. THAT is why you see so much chaos going on here... its 'ruler' is of the darkness, so that the world over which he rules is also in darkness. There are not such things as mourning, outcry, pain, heartache, disease, aging... or death... in the spirit realm, the realm of 'light'. Since such ones themselves are OF the darkness, and LOVE the darkness, their desire was to bring such darkness into the light... as well as destroy those (us) who are 'children of light', and thereby put an end to 'light'. So, they were 'cast into the darkness OUTSIDE' the city of God. The physical realm... where the 'dogs', and cowards, and liars, and practicers of spiritism, etc., are. Here.

    while at the same time forbidding contact with lost loved ones
    Hmmmmm... 'lost'. As in lost in death? Okay. Anyway, because that is another 'realm', and those whose spirits are sent THERE are 'bound' there. Supposedly, anyway. It is only by consent of either JAH... or the ruler of that world that such spirits are 'released'. If then, authority to 'release' them didn't come from JAH, it had to come from the other. And when such one gives HIS authority, he exacts a price... YOUR spirit... which will belong to HIM, rather than to JAH. Personally, it is too high a price for me to wish to 'pay'. I would much rather be patient.

    The reason for my reluctance in sharing this with you... and others here... is because the 'nature' of earthling man... is to not listen to reason to what will benefit HIM, but to do his OWN will. By telling you that, yes, the dead can be communicated with, I was bit frightened that I had opened a 'door' for you, that you may not have known was there. In not knowing, you may not have gone a step further and looked into it. My fear was that by telling you the truth, I might also have 'pushed' you to look into something you might not have otherwise... possibly to your detriment. But... my Lord said you ASKED... and so I had to tell you the truth. What you do with it, then, is entirely up to you... and on you. I left out nothing, including a warning.

    Well, that's it. I hope this further clarifies things for you, Radar. I bid you peace!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • radar


    Thanks for your input.


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