Thank you for your kind expressions on the death of my Hubby

by Gram 1 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Gram

    Thanks so much for all of you who wrote on the death of my husband. I truly appreciated each and every one and it gave me great comfort. Great comfort coming from people who have the same background as I and have come to a place wherever that may be, where they are now. In my heart of hearts I believe that he is gone, knows nothing, is not floating in heaven, is not with his parents, friends and loved ones who went "before", that I will never see him again and that he is not "in a better place" as so many people have told me. If there is any evidence to prove me wrong, I am willing to listen, however, my belief is that death is final.

  • penny2

    Dear Gram, sorry for your loss. I didn't see your original thread.

    I have the same belief about death. As a JW, I thought that would be unbearable but I've come to terms with my new belief. It has made me treasure life more.


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