watchtower retraction requested????

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  • nelly136

    was going to post this under simons thread but i cant find it for looking but whoever this is they dont seem very happy about being misquoted, i dont have a cd rom thingy to see which issue theyre on about tho


    Dear Readers:
    One of my readers sent me an email regarding the Jehovah Witness "Watch Tower" Newsletter in which I was misquoted. He writes:

    Hello Ms. Murdy:
    I have recently come across a reference that has quoted some of your comments concerning the activities at the Catholic Bible Institute in Los Angeles. Specifically, you have been quoted in a recent issue of the "Watchtower," a semimonthly publication of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. Perhaps you could take a moment and check to see if the quote was done accurately and in context. The "Watch Tower" has long enjoyed bashing Catholics. They have identified us as the Whore of Babylon, Babylon the Great, etc., in a fairly consistent way since the 1920s are are not expected to let up soon. The only occasions in which they refrain from extreme derogatory comments about

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    nelly, honey,

    Which month was this e-mail under on that website? I can't seem to find it to finish reading it? Or was it on another page completely and I am just dense?



    When the truth is found to be lies
    and all the joy within you dies ...
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  • COMF

    May. Use the "Find (on this page)" feature of your Edit menu to search for the word "Watchtower"... it's easier.


  • avengers
    The person who logged the quote on the web site (or who wrote the piece for the back page of Watch Tower) did a sloppy job of reporting, conflating your comments with Boyle's. They also took Boyle's offhanded, obviously humorous comment and made it sound as though it were Gospel. The thrust of the article, which your cogent comments added force to, was that Catholics are indeed gaining much joy and spiritual energy from taking up Bible study in unprecedented numbers lately. Whoever posted that item or originally wrote it for Watch Tower, was either totally inept as a reporter or had an ax to grind. Or both.

    Can someone tell me which Watchtower they're talking about?
    Thank you.

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