"What If The WT Told You to...

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  • Simon

    Given the JW mindset of blindly following the GB's (aka "god's") orders and that they have been indoctrinated for years to believe that these people dying would be a good thing then I do believe that some would. I doubt they would admit it though.

    I remember being at my mothers a couple of years ago when some disaster (earthquake?) was on TV and tens of thousands may have been killed. My mother started whittling on about "oh, I hope the poor brothers are ok" and I couldn't help but highlight her unchristian closed-minded thinking:

    "Don't you mean you hope everyone is ok? Oh I forgot, Jehovah is going to kill all them anyway so what do they matter ... right?"

  • gambler

    The sociaty kills people all the time with the blood mess.The sad thing is that they dont realise that its the same thing as shooting up a church or putting a gun to their childs head and pulling the trigger.

  • avengers

    Remember the Kitawali? They originated in the WTBS and they turned out to be a killer group. Besides that the WT in itself is a murdering Society. They drive young and old to suicide, killing your spirit, etc, etc.

  • Englishman


    It had to happen, I guess. Just this once I actually agree with you.



    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • You Know
    You Know
    ... get your gun out and go to any church...

    You poor dope. I don't know very many Witnesses that even own a gun. / You Know

  • cellomould

    You Know,

    My ex-gf's father owned a gun. He was inactive, but came to the memorial every year.

    Apparently, he still believes it is 'the truth'.

    Probably the only reason he isn't active is that he wants to keep his gun and the elders disagree.

    So if it came down to it, he'd probably shoot me to protect her. He would often conspicuously polish his gun or knives when I was there.

    Please don't tell him the end is coming soon. I fear what would happen.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke


    Hey You Know,you go to any rural area in the Great White North and JWS own guns,lots of them.They are used for protecting livestock and family from animal preditors.They are also used for hunting,to keep food on the table!I doubt its any different south of the border.Who do you think your kidding when you spout your dribble?Please keep posting,you are a great anti-dub advertisement!..LOL...OUTLAW

  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    Most, I would think, would not follow such a decree.

  • Focus

    anewperson wrote re: "What If The WT Told You to..." GO OUT AND MURDER SOME PEOPLE

    Some would and some would not. My own guess is that of of newly baptized JWs only 1 in 20 would shoot people if the Watchtower Society ordered it, of JWs in general only 1 in 10 would, but of Elders 2 to 3 in 4 would, of Circuit Overseers 4 in 5 would, of District Overseers 90% would, of those higher up 95%. So it depends on whom you ask and who you yourself are (regular JW/Elder up) when you do the asking, thus skewering the possible results.

    You have made two errors.

    * The proportions responding positively would be lower in general. Even the hypnotised person will not generally do things utterly out of character.

    * The highest proportion of JWs obeying the Kill-Order would be found among the newly-joined, pioneers, and ministerial servants, followed by the elders and then the rank and file. As one went higher, the proportion following would LESSEN and not increase, because many of those higher up know that the whole Watchtower thing is a sham (but it suits them to play along with it).

    NO ONE ON THE GOVERNING BODY would even dream of following the directive. Especially if it came from them! It wasn't Mr bin Laden who was piloting the planes that hit the World Trade Center etc.

    I do not think you understand the nature of the hypocrisy within this satanic borganization.

    (Anti-GB Class)

  • razorMind
    I couldn't help but highlight her unchristian closed-minded thinking:

    "Don't you mean you hope everyone is ok? Oh I forgot, Jehovah is going to kill all them anyway so what do they matter ... right?"

    I got into an argument on a hair forum right after Sept. 11, on this very point quoted above. This extremely religious member posts page-long commentaries on Scriptures. Anyway she was on a roll right after 9/11; telling everyone that the victims were hellbound if they hadn't accepted Jesus at the time of death.

    Many members (very diverse; diff religions) had loved ones missing/dead and weren't at all happy with her jumping on every thread with her comments. The administrators had to step in, trying to explain to her to tone down the comments out of respect for the circumstances. I mentioned my religious background to the offending poster; asking how would other members feel if I trivialized the horror of the attacks with a comment similiar to the quote above. I and the other members' view was, NOT the time NOR the place for such proclamations of eternal damnation.

    ANYWAY...the whole thing dissolved into a huge mess; a JW poster jumped in immediately with "NO we don't believe 'worldly' people will all die at Arma!!! JW's were the very first on the scene!!" Immediate defense and ready to argue, I noted. I just left the shit alone.

    I fully expected smugness on my father's part after 9/ll happened; but I didn't. He usually gets smug when things like that happen.

    Sorry I rambled.....

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