jw.com reaches 4000 posters

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  • Gopher

    On 01-01-2002, it is official! The amazing number of 4000 users has been reached. I wonder if that number can be doubled in the coming year????

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    Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  • Simon

    Another 'numerical milestone' is that all the topic page views combined now total over 4 million.

    Oh dear, this is starting to sound like a yearbook isn't it? LOL

  • LovesDubs

    "Oh dear, this is starting to sound like a yearbook isn't it? LOL'

    Simon if you start telling us about how you crossed the crocadile infested Nile with your bookbag and your meeting clothes and your two children on your head against raging flood waters to get to the computer keyboard, returning each day to grind food for the poor in the village and meditate on the days spiritual food, only to return the next day across the river.... then yeah, its a year book LOLOL

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  • dungbeetle

    congratulations Simon!!!! You have done what the watchtower couldn't do in 120+ years....we all 'get along'!!!

    Great post Gopher!!


  • Simon

    We took the kids to Tesco last week LovesDubs ... no crocodile rivers (we went by car) but it was a bit icy on the roads.

    It was an ordeal though - they had toys reduced and lots of nice munchy stuff on offer but we eventually made it to the checkout.

    Will this count as an amazing story of perseverance and determination do you think?

    Thought not!

  • Simon

    BTW: It's nice to have so many new people registering (and posting) ... I'm sorry I don't get to welcome everyone as I'd like to but would like to say a big "Hi" to all the new people now. I really do hope you enjoy visiting the site and find it useful.

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