Our worst fears coming true in Sydney

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  • ozziepost

    The achilles heel of Sydney's vulnerability to fires is especially from the north west where fire can reach through National Park gullies right down to the city.

    Today it started to turn for the worse, just after we'd had some respite for the New Year celebrations. Here's tonight's news report:

    19:10 AEDST Tue 1 Jan 2002
    NSW bushfire crisis takes a turn for the worst

    A large bushfire in suburban parkland threatened up to 200 homes in Sydney's north today as soaring temperatures and fierce winds fanned blazes around NSW.

    The new year brought no relief for firefighters who have battled blazes ringing Sydney since Christmas Eve but today's fire at Pennant Hills was the first to penetrate the suburbs.

    "This is something we have been hoping we might actually avoid but it is not to be so," NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner Phil Koperberg said.

    Elsewhere there were evacuations in the Hawkesbury area to the north of Sydney and at Sussex Inlet near Nowra.

    A large fire was also burning south of Canberra on the NSW border, and firefighters were moved out of the Wollemi National Park near Singleton after a blaze breached its containment lines.

    Although no properties had been lost today, firefighters faced the worst weather conditions since the bushfire crisis began nine days ago.

    Similar conditions were forecast for tomorrow and authorities warned people living near bushland to be prepared.

    Mr Koperberg said residents should remain calm and not evacuate unless asked by police or emergency personnel.

    The first fire to penetrate the city itself in the Pennant Hills National Park reached the boundary hedge of North Epping Bowling Club in Sydney's north-west but was being held at North Epping Oval, NSW Rural Fire Service spokesman John Winter said.

    Mr Winter said there was a chance this new blaze might cross the Lane Cove River into South Turramurra and houses were under threat.

    The cause of the blaze that began around 2pm was not known at this stage.

    "Our concern with this fire is that the entire area is an urban interface area. Obviously, properties are built right up to the bushland area," Mr Winter said.

    A local resident said the smoke was thick and choking as helicopters worked overhead to drop water on the blaze.

    "There's a lot of thick black smoke as well as orange haze ... you can see that glowing amongst it all," she said.

    "The smoke across the road is billowing across the top of the houses."

    Police warned some residents in nearby streets to hose down their houses and prepare for evacuations.

    Mr Koperberg said emergency personnel were also moving a number of people out of some parts of Kurrajong Heights though at this stage no property had been lost.

    "But the fire behaviour is of such magnitude not to rule it out," he said.

    Mr Koperberg also said the Shoalhaven fires near Nowra had breached containment lines and there was concern for the township of Sussex Inlet.

    Emergency Services Minister Bob Debus said the weather predictions for today had come true.

    "The wind speeds are high and increasing through many parts of the fire-affected areas," he said.

    "Temperatures are as high as has been predicted and in some cases higher."

    Commissioner Koperberg said the fresh to strong north-westerly winds had wind gusts of up to 80kph.

    ©AAP 2001


    Ozziepost (fire-fighters saluting class)

  • ozziepost

    The latest (10:30pm) news is that the fire has reached North Epping and South Turramurra.

    A southerly change is expected. If the buster arrives, this will halt the fast progress of the flames.


    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."


  • ladonna


    I hope that you and your family are safe, and any others from NSW that may be here.

    Vic has a cool change..very cool, if that's any consolation to what is heading your way.

    Take Care,

  • zerubberballs

    Hey ozzie, blow that candle out there's a fire ban!

    How's the air been over your way ozzie? Thick as Marmite or what?


    Ladonna we had a break in the smoke this afternoon and could breath for the first time in a week. Now the smoke's on its way back. For once we're praying for Melborne weather ;)

    and any others from NSW that may be here.
    some NSW folk posting here:

    Barry's in the ACT .. we got him surrounded ;)

  • ozziepost

    Unc, you forgot Older Tom, Younger Tom, Amos, Zaqen, and JW83. I think Amos may be affected. Haven't heard yet.


  • zerubberballs

    oops sorry ozzie .. then there's timmee1 of Newcastle ..

    (not to mention Rev Fredrick Hollingworth, Sister Susan, Sir Percy Strange, Mistress Blonde, Baron Humpstead, Dr.Dag Otterson, Bishop Rumpole, Poof the magic fluffdragon and Lee <--- this lot's all safely locked out of harms way ;)

  • Stephanus
    not to mention Rev Fredrick Hollingworth, Sister Susan, Sir Percy Strange, Mistress Blonde, Baron Humpstead, Dr.Dag Otterson, Bishop Rumpole, Poof the magic fluffdragon and Lee <--- this lot's all safely locked out of harms way

    Are these new personas we're to expect from you, next time you pass the 25 post limit, eh Zerubberballs, Wallaby Jack, etc?

    "Oh God! To hear the Insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust." - The Ghost of Christmas Present

  • DannyBear

    Our Aussie clan of the Cavebear,

    I wish I was there, I would come over and man a water hose along with you.

    Please be assured that we Yanks are rootin for the danger to pass. Of course you all know that UncleCaveman has a goldmine shaft. So if Ozzie brings his candels, you all can have a spelunking good time under the ground.

    In all seriousness, take care my friends.


  • Prisca

    A friend and I went up to the BLue Mountains yesterday to deliver some donated items, and saw some of the damage. Fires were still burning. Then on the way home heard on the news about the latest outbreak closer to home!

    This new fire is a bit too close for home for my liking, but I am pretty safe. The smell of smoke is everywhere. I'm starting to forget what fresh air smells like!

    And the cause of the outbreak? Suspected arson.

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