What is happening to me?

by gilwarrior 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • gilwarrior

    OK as I mentioned before I lost my virginity recently. Well since then my sex drive has shot up. As you all know I am now hopelessly in love with Bea (bitter mango) and now I can't stop thinking about Xena. Today I also started flirting with this girl I met at work. I used to be a very nice guy and now I am turning into this horny little devil.


  • larc

    Hey gil,

    Even nice guys are horny. I know, just ask me. Virinity is like a jar of olives. After you get the first one, the rest are easy. That is what makes you horny. This new knowledge you have.

  • Satanus


    You are probably on a high. If that is true, then you'll level off slowly.

    Remember wrappers ;) SS

  • Mindchild

    Gil..dude don't sweat it and take it from an expert on horniness that you haven't seen anything yet. lol When it gets so bad that you can't stop thinking about sex every 3 seconds, then go see a doc and ask him for some Prosac or libido knockers and in a few days you can start to walk around normally! Hey it is not as fun then as being horny but hell, you gotta try some other things in life too!

    Of course my fav way to beat the horny blues is to find a nynphomaniac and just let natural selection and the survival of the fittest take its course. Good way to learn about evolution first hand dude.

    Adios Amgio,


  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hehehe. ummm, you need to go and find some more sex...NOW! :)

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Whats happening??
    Looks like youre trying to set up some shag with some of the girls on the board to me.

  • avengers

    You can always wear a tent instead of a pair of pants.

  • SYN

    You sure you're not having testosterone treatments or something? Maybe someone EVIL is slipping some nice ground-up hormone treatment pills into your oats every morning (ehehe, no pun intended!)

    "I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious sensibilities of anyone." -- Charles Darwin, The Origin Of Species, 1869.

  • Xena
    find a nynphomaniac


  • dungbeetle

    Can I make a suggestion....a topic like this might be better on the 'adult forum'...that's why Simon put it there.

    That's if it belongs on a public discussion board at all.

    Some of us could benefit from a little time on search engines---or some therapy (or in my case MORE therapy).

    just my 1/2 cents worth


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