Reckless Rumors, Misinformation and Doomsday Dellusions

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  • lovelylil2

    Has anyone read this book?

    Product Details
    Reckless Rumors, Misinformation and Doomsday Delusions
    - Paperback (Jan 1, 2000) by Ralph Woodrow

    Product Description

    A thorough study of rumors, especially those that involve Christians in one way or another. The Knights of Columbus oath, Procter & Gamble trademark, George Washingtons Vision, the Bible code, Nostradamus predictions, Shroud of Turin, Madalyn Murray OHair and the FCC, Janet Reno on 60 Minutes, drilling into Hell, etc. It looks interesting. I found out about it while reading another booklet about Christians and wierd beliefs. I may order it from

  • Robdar

    It seems like something my dad would enjoy. Thanks for helping me with my Christmas list.

  • Elsewhere

    Sounds like a great book... however I would prefer that information not get out!

    There's lots of money to be made off of stupid people!

  • lovelylil2

    Hi Robyn,

    Hope your day is going good! Enjoyed those FAX of life you sent me.

    I am going to get a copy for my daughter. She LOVES these religious conspiracy theories. Thought I may get a good chuckle out of it too. Shalom, Lilly

  • NvrKssdNObutt

    george washington's vision actually took place. one of my relatives was present at the time. the dogs were howling and the hand of god wrote mathmatical symbols on the wall. for a nominal fee and shipping and handling i will send you drawings of the symbols. i will send an extra set for free if you only pay the extra s/h

    power to the people!

  • HappyGuy

    I like how the "end" of the Mayan calendar is being misinterpreted. The Mayan calendars tracked universal cycles. The calendar that "ends" in 2012 tracks the "great cycle". In December of 2012 the galactic center will be aligned with the earth in a way that happens only once every 64,000 years. Then on the next day the cycle begins again. So, the calender is not "ending" it is just pointing at the end of the cycle. Kind of like our December 31st marks the "end" of the earth's orbital cycle, and Jan 1st marks the beginning of the next orbital cycle.

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