Wanting to Confirm Info on Children and Blood Transfusions

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  • AuntBee

    I have an opportunity to spread some info on this issue. What would happen to a teenager who made it clear in a hospital, that he wanted to accept blood, and did ? Would that kid be shunned by family and friends if it became known? Thanks.

  • blondie

    If he/she were baptized, they would be treated the same as a baptized adult jw, that's officially. If he/she were officially an unbaptized publisher, they would be officially removed. Of course, all this depends on whether they recant and the elders consider them "repentant."

    Conversely, the WTS has fought and successfully to have jw children as young as 14 be considered emancipated minors or mature minors able to choose not to have a transfusion.

  • AuntBee


  • yknot

    Even if the minor isn't baptized or a "rup"........they might still be shunned depending on the attitude and personality of the congregation and individual JW.

    I have known many non-dunked, and un-recognized JWkids to experience shunning due to being marked as 'bad association' for far lesser things than blood.

    Since the WTS doesn't play fair...... I would advise the minor to 'play the game' if the shunning gets to be too much.....confess repentance and all the groveling required to regain social order until they are adults and able to quietly fade at another time.....preferablly after college graduation when they can support themselves and are fully able to create their own support structures.

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