Things you would like to do that you havent yet done

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  • carpediem

    As I am new this may have been asked before. But it is something I have been thinking about since I left the religion.

    Things I havent yet done but would like to do include:

    Visiting Aussie

    Visiting New Zealand

    Taking a ride in a hot air balloon

    Walking from Lands End to John O Groats

    Do a writing course

    Speak Spanish Fluently

    Spend some time living in Spain

    Open a cafe/bar in the UK

    Celebrate Christmas (not long for that one!)

  • lancelink

    graduate from college

  • AdaMakawee

    Ah a bucket list. Mine includes:

    1. Visit Germany to meet my penpal, I wrote to him when I was in Jr High many many years ago, from the time I was around 12 until I was 19, then lost track of him until earlier this year.

    2. Learn to speak German. My father never kept up with the language from his parents, though I will admit speaking German in his youth might not be a smart thing to do.

    3. Visit New Zealand, I've wanted to ever since the LOTR trilogy. Absolutely beautiful and I'd like to meet and learn from the Maori.

    4. Drive across the US. I've always wanted to take a road trip completely across, but never really had the where-withall to do that.

    All I can think of for now.


  • 2pink

    there is so much (i'm only 31, so i got time! woohoo!).

    but my top list is:

    visiting all 7 continents (only have 2 to go--africa and antarctica)

    adopting my third child (due to happen this summer)

    graduating from college (should only take a decade or so....LOL)

  • dissed

    Write a murder mystery with a unique ending, with a twist that would even shock me when I read it.

  • musky

    "Write a murder mystery with a unique ending, with a twist that would even shock me when I read it."

    I like that! You could call it "Author shock"

  • parakeet

    See the northern lights.

    See the Southern Cross.

    See a total solar eclipse.

    Live in Italy.

    Cruise down the Intracoastal Waterway, from the Chesapeake to Key West.

    Volunteer to help the lives of birds, whether hummingbirds or eagles.

  • doublelife

    Celebrate Christmas

    Celebrate my birthday

    Celebrate every other holiday I haven't been allowed

    Become a famous actress

    Volunteer for a good cause

    Donate to something other than the WTS

    Travel the world

  • Butterflyleia85

    Go back to college and finish my degree

    Go to Japan

    Go to Irland

    Marriage and children

    Celebrate Holidays and do this with "future children" hehe

    I wish I could speak fluent Japanese and Spanish

    Start an Art club or class... where we draw paint pottery etc.

  • carpediem

    Thanks for your responses. Good to read what you aspire to and hope you manage to all you want. You certainly upped the odds of achieving your dreams by leaving behind the religion.

    Parakeet - you must try to see a solar eclipse. Its a fantastic experience. I saw one in 1999. Drove to Devon to see it - due to cloud I managed to catch about 1 minute of it, but it was well worth the journey to see it. Its all too soon over however long you get. Wish it lasted as long as a lunar eclipse!

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